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  • Premier Icon tthew

    Well if they are still eggs, and not chicks turf it out of the tree if you are bothered.

    (I sense a proper flaming coming on!)


    Get rid of it.

    Hmmm, pigeon.

    Lightly fry the breasts in some extra virgin olive oil, with a little sesame oil as well. Slice, then serve over a delicate salad. With some radish, of course.


    I’m bothered, but I couldn’t live with the guilt of destroying the nest.

    I do like the idea of ‘farming’ them though. Maybe feeding the chicks something delicious so that they taste better when they’re ‘ready’. Perhaps peas and White wine.

    fat noisy pigeons

    The sound of a wood pigeon cooing upsets you ? How strange. I would have thought that it was a particularly soothing and relaxing sound.


    I’ve got a pigeons nest in a holly tree in my garden. It’s just above head height and directly above the garden table, I’ve had a quick look using a mirror on a stick thingy and there are 2 little eggs in it.

    Am I just being pigeonist, I’d be thrilled to have any other bird nesting in the garden but something about having fat noisy pigeons pooing everywhere worries me slightly.


    If they are wood pigeons let them be …

    They are not noisy at all.


    Some strange folk about..Why would anybody worry(however slightly) by having Pigeons nesting in their garden ?

    Premier Icon joat

    In Nottingham City Centre I believe they put up nest boxes with an accessible door on the back so they can take the eggs away before they’re incubated. Do you ever have chicken eggs? If so, don’t worry about the pigeons. Or it wil be a bit birdist.

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Fell out of the ugly tree hitting every branch on the way down.

    Those aren’t wood pigeon chicks, their pink colour/lack of skin pigmentation is a giveaway – they’re pure white pigeons/doves.

    Wood pigeon chicks :

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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