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  • Piercing kittens
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    Woman Defends Gothic Cat Piercing

    Yes – it’s in america. **** wierdo

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    dont start bleating about cruelty to animals

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    Not nice.

    I prefer Bonsai Kittens.

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    ooh look a pierced pussy 😈

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    there are some sick puppies around these days… LOL at CFH though!

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    That bonsai shit is awesome, more cats should be given over to that form of art.

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    Hi love cats. Stir fried, fricasseed, roasted… Here’s one of my favourite recipes:

    Butterfly Cat

    1 medium cat
    2 eggs
    100g (4oz) plain flour

    For the Filling
    1 mouse
    A medium size lemon

    Start by skinning the cat – there is more than one way to do this, but it’s generally best to dip it in boiling water and then use a sharp knife to loosen the skin around the tail. Then working slowly from back to front, you should peel back the skin to reveal the meat underneath. You may want to stun the cat to make it more co-operative, but a skilled cook should be able to control the squirming animal throughout the process.

    Put the skin to one side if you want to use it as garnish for the finished dish, or discard it, and then, working as carefully as possible, remove the legs, and tail. The thigh meat should be kept for burgers, while the tail is a useful addition to the stock pot.

    Remove the intestines by cutting around the bottom and slicing upwards along the belly to reveal the viscera. You should scoop out the intestines by hand to avoid nicks and then rinse out the cavity.

    Kill the cat and remove the head, heart and lungs.

    De bone the remains, and butterfly using a sharp knife. Then bash the meat with a tenderiser.

    Beat the egg and mix with the flour and coat the meat. Seal this in a hot pan and remove from the heat.

    Chop up the mouse and squeeze the juice of one lemon over it. Roll this filling inside the coated cat meat and return to the heat to seal again.

    Bake for one hour at 220C. Serve on a bed of rice and decorate with the fur.

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    Apparently she’s receiving a lot of abusive phone calls. Shame her number isn’t a bit more public.

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    Aye, putting things in animals ears is terrible…. 🙄

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    There really are some weird people out there. No vet in the UK would allow that to go without being reported, even though the piercings probably were’nt massively painful, the problem comes when the stupidly large stud things get caught on stuff when the cat is running.


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