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  • iolo

    Gutted. Sit down and enjoy the Stella for the rest of your holiday

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    and now a possible ban for swear filter avoidance. Not your day, is it 🙁

    hope it’s not a bad break and that you find something else to do for the remaining time.


    Thread title will need changing to pi##ed up


    According to the URL, he is pied off.

    Which sounds like a sex move involving Binners.


    Two days into a week in the sunny French alps, biking is fantastic then I go and break my collar bone , what a bu##er

    Kindle, alcohol, walking. All is not lost it’s nice in the Alps. Where are you staying. If you’re anywhere near Les Arcs go here and have a proper amazing meal, give you something to do eh http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g608820-d1339255-Reviews-Restaurant_L_Ancolie-Nancroix_Peisey_Vallandry_Savoie_Rhone_Alpes.html


    close enough for a few days at the coast?


    Coast will be like a ghost town now.


    Too far from coast , got beer ,DVD’s and bike mags so should be ok

    Get some cheese too. Well, get someone to pick some up for you.

    hope your collarbone heals soon dude.

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    Don’t lose your hard won fitness!

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    Look on the bright side, we met a feller at les arcs who’d broken his by 11am on day one of his holiday- and he’d probably spent most of that time on lifts too.

    Yeah, go walking, eat food, drink wine, I wouldn’t swap places with you but I always get back from a cycling holiday wishing I’d seen more of the area, done some touristing, gone for a wander…


    Healing vibes and sympathies.

    Snapped tibia on first run day one in 2009, at least you got some riding in and can get out and about!

    Gutted, how did you manage to do that?


    two ibuprofen and half a pint of mtfu.

    relax and take in the scenery. i had a week of pool/beach holiday two weeks after breaking my arm. never ever again, if i had known how painful and frustrating it was going to be i would have stayed at home on my own.
    but you are there already.

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    Having dislocated a finger (which needed an op to reseat) in a motel car park in Utah 30 minutes before we were due to leave on a 5 day supported trip in the mountains I can feel your pain!

    On the bright side you’ll still be able to hang with yer mates when they’re not riding and the external temp won’t hit 40 deg. C everyday so you won’t need to spend most of your time holed up in a shitty motel room watching shitty us tv!

    Make the most of it (but don’t overdo the alcohol, it’s too easy to hurt yourself further!).

    But yeah, it sucks…

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    hope you mend soon and look towards the future.

    bunnyhop – sitting here with broken humerus.


    I’m in a similar boat boat.
    Spent the last 9 months organising a stag weekend to the Alps, having a day of via ferrata, and a day of biking.
    Went the off-road route on my commute home last night (with my road tyres on). Got caught in a downpour, and the bike slipped from under me on a tree route. Couldn’t clip out quickly enough, and my dodgy knee is a whole lot dodgier. I’m desperately trying to get it sorted in time for the weekend.

    A couple of the guys on the do are GPs so going to see about getting some horse strength ibubrofen.


    In an attempt to make you feel better, at least you got some riding in…

    A few years ago I used to do a lot of scuba diving. The week before a much anticipated trip[ to the Red Sea, my Wife and I took all our kit down to Stoney Cove for a final check out before packing it up. The one piece of kit I used but wasn’t testing was my dry-suit. The auto vent failed shut (this is bad) on ascent from the dive resulting in a rapid ascent. I ended up with a mild “bend” and two days in Hull in and out of the decompression chamber. After which I was passed fit to fly (and therefore travel) but not fit to dive for a couple of months.

    The result was the insurance company wouldn’t cover me (as I was fit to travel) so I spent a week sitting in a hotel listening to the epic dives enjoyed by the other residents, while feeling perfectly fit. Great.


    Gutted for you, hope its not a bad break.

    It’s took me 5 months to get the bloody NHS to fix mine and their finally going to operate in a couple of weeks. Sucks further that I have been able to ride with it snapped in 3 pieces for most of the summer but know in a couple of weeks time i’ll be back to square one and off my bike for a couple of months.

    Broke mine 5 miles from home about 8 weeks ago.If they’ve given you a triangular bandage as a sling,get to a pharmacie and get some thing like this http://www.amazon.co.uk/PhysioRoom-Deluxe-Elite-Shoulder-Immobiliser/dp/B00DCQNQU0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1378824917&sr=8-1&keywords=sling+clavicle it’s tons more comfortable and supportive,and you may feel a bit more like sightseeing.I’d recommend regular paracetamol and ibuprofen for the first few days,and codeine at night will help you sleep.


    The doctors at the hospital have fitted me up with a pretty good shoulder support so at the moment its quite comfortable

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