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    If you have ID and something with your address on then you don’t really need the card.

    b r

    Depends on the Post Office, best to ask (nicely).


    Phone them first, some posies dont deliver items if they know oyure out, just leave a card, caught ours doing that, as have others on here.
    and if they do attempt delivery anfd youre not in they then take it home with them, and bring it back to the ofice next day.


    Depends on the PO. Used to have a sorting office in the village – dead helpful, got to know me and could rock up without ID or a card and they’d give me the parcel. Now my stuff goes to a main sorting place in Reading and they are the opposite – everything by the book.


    No card or ID required at our depot. They have a book – yes a book – with all the failed deliveries written in it, listed by area.

    The chap looks through all the failed deliveries for a particular day then goes into a store room to retrieve your parcel.

    All very low-key it’salovelydaytodayisntit/yesitwascoolthismorningbutitsgonenicenow etc

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    I’ve taken the card and they’ve not wanted to look at it, just asking for an address. However the issue with a parcel due to be delivered today is that it might not have made it back off the van into the system.


    At my one they won’t give you the parcel without the correct call cards and ID. They claim this acts as a receipt and proof that the parcel has been handed over.

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    You may well find you have the issue I’ve had at the last 3 offices .. so I guess it’s consistent across the board.

    If you’ve had a delivery attempt today you have to wait overnight (24hrs near enough). I’ve been in the evening of delivery attempt and been told to wait 24hours.

    Seems to be the returns come back from the rounds then it’s about the last thing they do in the day before they all go home for the night. Which is annoyingly after the collection office closes.

    In one London office in my old uni flat 12 years ago this was taken to extremes. I new our posite usually dropped between 9am and 10am I went to collect 8am the next day they sent me away because it hadn’t been 24hours yet. I made sure I was there bang on 10 and low and behold it was there!


    EDIT: thinking actually that could be a busy town centre/city thing. I forgot at my old rural workplace I could usually collect within 4 or 5 hours as the postie often called before we opened.


    depends on the day of the week but at mine generally you have no chance – and mines a village post office i use regularly for the shop and PO facilities….

    they still ask for ID.

    werent going to let me collect something for the mrs – with the card and my driving licence showing the address – as it wasnt my name.

    try by allmeans but dont demand they do as they dont have to….


    If I go to the Post Office straight from work…

    if its a sorting office then check opening times on card – unless you finish work at noon a lot close at 1pm

    think how helpful depends on how much hassle had from previous customers


    Hi all,

    Got a “You were out” card yesterday. I have a few parcels on the way, so fairly sure I will get another one today (but I’m not certain).

    If I go to the Post Office straight from work, with just the one card, assuming there is another one at my house, will they give me both parcels, or just the one I have the card for? #

    Would just save me going home first to check if there is a card..

    Or is it a “depends on the PO/person” type deal?

    Thanks, Duane.


    Cheers all.

    Thinking about it, I don’t need what I’m expecting til tomorrow evening anyway, so will just head there tomorrow after work.

    And the sorting office shuts at 6.30pm 🙂

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