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    Eldest OAB has been having piano lessons, and is doing well. Move of house means we will need to buy a keyboard for him. All I know is we need full size, weighted keys and a budget of £200 – either central Scotland or courier…
    Where to look – is there a piano_track_world forum?
    Or suggestions of eBay OK ones?

    Premier Icon BlobOnAStick

    Keep an eye on freecycle, people often give acoustic pianos away as they’re not easily sold, unless of course you want an electric one, in which case the bay is probably your answer.

    If you strike lucky with a free one, you’ll likely need to spend a good portion of the 200 on a tune- up.

    Premier Icon CHB

    In true STW world style, I shall ignore your budget concerns!
    My OH is a pianist. We have a Yamaha Clavinova (quite a posh one, but even the basic ones are fine).

    Clavinovas are the best digital pianos on the market and don’t need tuning. If you buy a second hand one then you will loose very little when you come to sell it. So that’s what I would buy.


    It just so happens that I have one of these sitting in the corner taking up space since my son moved away. Your welcome to come and try it. I’m in Kinross (Junc 6 M90).


    We have a Yamaha clavinova also, very good and not a range topper.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Taylorplayer – sounds great. How much would you want? I cannot see an email in your profile…
    matt_outandabout AT hotmail.com

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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