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    FASIC aren’t just sports injuries fwiw, though I’ve never used them myself. I’ve been to Balanced Physio at Heriot Watt a couple of times, they’ve been excellent- they’ve got branches elsewhere. £40-ish per hour doesn’t seem untypical tbh.

    If I was you I’d speak to FASIC first mind.


    Hi all,

    Had problems with my shoulders dislocating for a while now, so would like to get some proper physio on them (right shoulder popped out 5 times, then had surgery, and left shoulder just popped out for first time).

    My friend who has had similar rates Space very highly, although they are £44 an hour.

    There is also FASIC at the Ed Uni gym – I am a gym member so get a discount, think it’s roughly £25 an hour, but I understand they are more for sports injuries (ie from repetitive overuse, not one off shocks).

    The higher price is not a deal breaker, but would definitely prefer spending less!

    Any thoughts? Recommendations for other places? Don’t have that long left in Edinburgh (3 weeks) – so would like to start seeing somewhere asap!



    Self refer to NHS?


    FASIC are good. Having said that, so were the NHS when I self referred – speak to your doctor?

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    I have been going to Stephen mutch at Space for years when needed. They are very good.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Oh yeah, I had really good treatment from the NHS but it did take a while to get going.

    Premier Icon kcal

    FASIC a long time ago; sorted me in 1/2 hour flat.

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    Try the Colinton Physiotherapy Clinic on Bonaly Avenue. He works for the NHS but does physio in the evenings at home. He is brilliant though, a very keen cyclist himself and has worked with the Scottish Mountain Bike Team in the past.

    He has sorted me on several occasions, often just in one visit. Be aware though that your sessions may overrun somewhat as the first 20 minutes is generally spent talking about bikes!!

    i’ve used nicky smith a couple of times in the last ten years or so.

    brilliant phsyio.

    used to work with the uk women’s basketball team, i think.
    about 45 an hour, but i find that with the exercises she gives, one visit gets it sorted.

    worth her weight in gold… 🙂


    Thanks all – have a consultation meeting set up at FASIC on Monday 🙂

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