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  • gusamc


    have (according to GP+trauma centre) probably partly/torn my Gastrocnemius. Now I’ve had muscle injuries before but this one has upset me:
    – much worse than before (week later and still not fully putting weight on leg etc)
    – there was a distinct ping in the back of my leg when it happened
    – indoor hockey, I was ambling along (ie not doing an explosive sprint) when it happened (previously it’s been as part of a full power push off and nowehere near as bad)

    Anyway, I’ve been told to take it easy for 1 month (but use leg but don’t get it painful) then start light exercise (so I’m guessing cycling but starting on flat/easy and building to steeper), then after 2 months for back to full sport.

    I’m more concerned about it NOT happening again – I gave up footie after hamstrings twice in one season I don’t want to give up hockey yet, so:
    – start warming up properly (i’m 54 and not as disciplined at that as I should be)
    – sports physio as part of recovery – to get massages to help heal muscle
    – internet sites like – for stretches
    – take up yoga

    any other ideas etc to help speed recovery and future prevention – thanks


    Lots of proprioceptive work eg wobble board

    Couple of comments first:
    Speeding recovery – good luck with that.
    Why would you pay a specialist sports physio to do massage?

    When you do get pain free start following the info given on the running-physio site for rebuilding calf strength.

    Then start to build in what mulv1976 said. (THIS BIT IS KEY) if you dont know what proprioception is ask someone on here.

    Then keep it all going until you are back playing pain free, with good strength and movement.

    Then keep all the rehab going for around a year to 18 months after you’re back playing.

    Key thing to remember here is that being asymptomatic and rehabilitated are two completely different things which are miles apart.

    You see if Michael Owen had taken a year out of the game after his first hamstring injury he’d probably not have had any other related hamstring injuries in his career. Steven Gerrard did take a year out to deal with a similar injury and never had a recurrence of that injury. The point to be taken from this is that rehabilitation of an injury when done properly takes a long time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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