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  • _tom_

    Canon S95. It can conveniently go everywhere with me so I actually use it more than I’ve ever used a DSLR. The image quality is very good for a small sensor/compact lens as well.

    Premier Icon beanum

    Richmars, that LX looks great in black..:-)


    The Pentax LX is a fantastic camera, and an alternative to the Nikon F3 and Canon F1n, both superb professional machines. Production of all 3 went on into the 90’s, which shows how popular they were.

    I have one of those Pentax MXs, apparently it was the lightest SLR you could buy back in 1976. Mine has a winder/grip too. Bit battered but I think it’d survive a nuclear blast!!

    Pah! This, the Students’ Favourite and AK-47 of the camera world, could survive our sun going supernova:

    Armageddon-proof! 😀


    Nikon FM1 and. 24mm Nikkor prime lens. All the camera you could need (unless you want sports shots 😉 )

    I also had a very fine Yahsica compact that had a stunning Zeiss lens. And an Olympus XA.


    Contax 139 quartz. Not the most popular brand but boy was it a great camera. I saved up for about 2 years to buy the damn thing, getting up at 4am every Saturday morning to work as a van lad for Sunblest (another blast from the past!). I sold it on fleabay about 6-7 years ago, but I hung onto the Zeiss Tesslar lenses,and glad I did. The 50mm is frighteningly sharp at just about every f-stop, and is nearly 30 yrs old. Wait! that makes me……… Blimey.


    AK-47 of the camera world

    Ahhh – that has to be the ZENIT-E, or the Praktica. I was hoping mine would break, so I could buy a flashier camera, but it never did!! Had to give it away eventually!!


    Mmmmmmmm Hasselblad. Never owned one, but got to use them a number of times when working in photography. The lenses are truly magic.


    They are not ‘magic’ it’s just swedish and German engineering. I drop kicked an A12 film back by accident and watched it bounce across a metal boat deck, picked it up and carried on shooting. If it had been a mamiya it would have shattered into pieces.
    They certainly don’t make them like that anymore (production stopped this year) the H series are far more fragile.


    They certainly don’t make them like that anymore (production stopped this year) the H series are far more fragile.

    Are you suggesting the vajazzled Nex-7 Lunar isn’t a worthy successor? 😯

    Premier Icon kayak23

    I used to enjoy film. Very exciting waiting to see what comes out. But this camera I have now is awesome.

    I used to love this too.

    Enjoyed a pinhole camera too. Hmmmm….must make another some time.

    Loving my Fuji X10 I purchased early last year. A fantastic camera, and Fuji have just released a very good firmware upgrade to it, which adds a few funky settings to play around with.

    It lets me use it as a very good point and shoot, or play around with all the normal classic SLR settings for more creativity.


    Always fancied one of these though never got round to using one, used to use a deardorff 10×8 that was a pain as no rear axis tilts or shifts so it had to be done on the front standard and that meant changing jiggling the camera position, an arca-swiss was much easier to use.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    I miss my FM2n


    Fuji X100 – means my 5D MkII has sat in its bag for almost a year. Amazing camera.

    Premier Icon seadog101

    Am I allowed this little marvel? My Pentax Auto110. A Subminature SLR that used 110 film cartidges:

    With 24mm lens –

    [/url] DSC_1567 by Matt1833, on Flickr[/img]

    70mm lens

    [/url] DSC_1569 by Matt1833, on Flickr[/img]

    18mm lens

    DSC_1570 by Matt1833, on Flickr[/img]

    If you get really keen there’s a film winder and flash guns too!

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    My 2 recent purchases;

    $40 EOS 630 & a bit more for the Fuji GSW690iii. Not pictured is my X10.


    Ditto on the Pentax LX. Awesome camera! As a Nikon user would have to say the FM2n was prob the best camera they ever made. (Still got mine!) The Nikon F4S was a bit of an odd ball. Very sturdy and bombproof, great viewfinder. However, very heavy, and the AF was total crap. Left mine turned off!


    AK-47 of the camera world

    hhh – that has to be the ZENIT-E,

    Sorry but the Zenit E is more of the Molotov Cocktail of the camera world.

    Of all the film cameras I’ve owned or used I’d also rate the Nikon FM2n as the best.

    These 2 weren’t bad either , the top one is the Photosonic 1PL which ran at up to 500 pin registered 16mm frames a second.
    The bottom one is the NAC E-10 which would run at 10,000 fps in full frame or 20,000 in half frame and went through 400ft of 16mm film in a tad over 2 seconds.

    Premier Icon PePPeR

    As others on here I inherited a few cameras from my father (175 of them!) , and have 10 or so cameras from most brands…

    My favourite of my is my old Olympus OM10,i have OM1n and OM4ti but the OM10 is easy and simple.

    Rangefinder it has to be my Voigtlander Bessa R, I’ve had an R2a but the R is better.

    I use a Panasonic DMC-L1 as my digital SLR, it has its limitations in low light, but it’s lens is amazing.

    Premier Icon Keando

    A bit of an Olympus fan here, a trait inherited from my dad.
    I have an number of them some mine and some I inherited – OM1n, OM2, OM2SP, OM4, E420, E520, and a number of others.

    Loved the compactness of the 35mm film cameras especially when totting them around rally stages in the 80’s and 90’s.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I’ve owned 8 cameras.

    1) A 110 plastic thing I had when I was about 8. You could buy a stick of ten single-use flash bulbs that you stuck in the top. That was cool.

    2) A generic 35mm compact, built in flash tho.

    3) My dad’s Chinon that he gave me when I was 21. This was a huge deal, the camera had captured my childhood and was revered as a precious item – mint condition too. It cost about £300 in the early 80s.

    4) That got robbed from my house when I was ooh, 24 ish, so the insurance replacement was a Pentax MZ-M. Unremarkable, except for the incredibly low weight. We had good times though.

    5) In 2001 I bought an Olympus C-2020Z, 2.1MP but it had full manual control and decent features. Was far better to use than most modern compacts I’ve tried. We were pretty close, me and that camera. I was gutted when it got knocked off its mini-tripod whilst on, and the lens got knocked out of shape. Cost me £500, bought in the USA. It came with an 8MB Smartmedia card which only held about 25 odd full size JPEGs so I had to use low quality images. Caught some great pics but they are somewhat spoiled by JPEG artefacts. Still got some on my wall though!

    6) My wife bought me a C-5050Z in 2005 which was awesome. I have loads of stuff up on the wall from that. Gave it away to my sister in law when I got…

    7) My first DSLR, Olympus E-600, which I still have and use.

    8) Last one I bought was an Olympus TG-620. Not the best compact, to be fair, but toughness is brilliant.

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    I took one of these around Amazonia and it still sits on my desk.

    Although I still fancy:

    Though will live with the Nikon D800E/Olympus OM-D combo for the moment.

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