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  • Phoning in sick at work ….. feeling guilty :( …
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    I wouldn’t feel guilty as I’m not a skiver.


    This, plus as I work in consulting, going into the office and affecting everyone else is potentially more damaging to the revenue line than not doing so. I’ll work from home if I’ve got colds and coughs etc, but only DON’T work if I CAN’T work.

    If your being honest and can’t work – why feel guilty?


    Here in Oz people phone in sick all the time and they don’t think twice! If you can’t get a day off for whatever reason people phone in. As a diabetic I sometimes have to phone in if I’ve hypo’d in the night and over indulged on the sweet stuff to bring my sugars up and feel like crap in the morning, but even then I hate having to make that call.

    Who has a “sick” voice? 🙂


    I woke up with a migraine today 🙁 phoned in, went back to bed, finally emerged around noon.
    I feel no guilt when one of those strikes. I’m not fit to drive & I’m not fit to stare at a computer screen for several hours at a time


    Around a month ago I had the Norovirus, and texted my boss at 7.00am, because I hadn’t had any sleep up to that point. That meant taking Friday off, the first day I’d taken off sick in the nine years I’ve been working at my present place, and previous to that, I’d not taken a day off sick in the thirteen years I’d worked at that firm, and in the eighteen years at the place before that, I’d been signed off for two weeks with chickenpox, and I’d spent a week in bed with flu.
    Since getting the dratted Norovirus, I’ve had a really vile cold type of bug, which caused me to have to actually leave work last Friday morning, because I was shivering, felt cold and was coughing my lungs up.
    I’ve been back at work since, giving it to all those who didn’t already have it.
    I hate feeling ill, and I’ve never taken time off with a cold, but what I’ve got at the moment is horrible, and has been making feel utterly crap, but as it’s not actually killing me, I can’t justify taking time off, just because rivers of snot are pouring out of my sinuses, and I’m coughing up green goo. 😳


    Haven’t had a sick day in probably six or seven years but no way would I feel guilty about taking one if I was genuinely sick.

    People who insist on dragging themselves into work through choice (or an office at any rate) when they are at deaths door with something infectious are idiots and fooling nobody.


    I’ve been ill for the last week or so, still been working, feeling worse by the day. Had a phone consulation with my GP today who sent me off for urgent blood tests (kidney funtion, liver function, thyroid, blood counts etc) but I still felt guilty leaving early today. 😆

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    Glupton- was off all weekend- none of us got out the house till Sunday, and even then we were gubbed when we got back!
    Not local- I feel your pain! But I suppose its to be expected when there’s so much nonsense going on in that respect- I should be ok as is my first for over a year but some folk don’t seem to bother/care and get away with all sorts of shit!

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    Here in Oz people phone in sick all the time and they don’t think twice!

    Didn’t “chucking a sicky” originate from Aus?

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    Only time I ever went into work ill was recently when I’d gone away for work and was in a hotel. I just couldn’t stand the hotel bed and room any more. Work was pretty grim though too.


    I was off today with back ache, my manager is happy enough for us to call in sick via text.

    No doubt upon my return it will be the usual song and dance of ‘oh you were off I was so busy, I didn’t understand why you had worked out some costings in that manner, I had to work late / no lunch etc’ Same responses when I return after any holiday, even a day off.

    She goes on holiday for 2 week as of Friday, I will manage to cope somehow.


    Had Glandular fever early last year,was in work until I physically could not get out of bed(I have a very physical job which demands lots of ladder climbing,bending,kneeling etc).
    Was back in after 4days rest,still ill and not really fit for work but would lose a considerable amount of bonus if off for over 4days due to companys policys.
    It took about 3months before I felt back to normal.

    When you ring the boss put a full Cadburys creme egg in your mouth, one intial biting crush then dial the last digit on the phone, you sound as rough as chuff. 😥


    I’ve only had one day off sick so far in my 25 year career (and that would have been in my first year of working). Will be changing soon as I’m due to have cataract surgery, but it does feel a little guilty to be taking time off sick for that.


    As expected my return to work today was met with about 50% of the comments on how busy she was in my absence.

    p.s I enjoyed watching Dickinsons real deal while I was off 😀

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