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    They should all charge most devices. Some tablets are a bit fussy with lower current chargers. My old Samsung would just say no, my current LG pops a warning to say it is charging slowly. 5.2v should be fine, within tolerance of most cheap 5v chargers. 580mA is a little low for a smartphone and will take ages in a tablet

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    Yes, 5.2V should be ok to charge a 5V device. The current output is just the max it can delivery. As you say, if a device can take 1.8A, and the charger can only deliver 0.75A, it will just take longer.


    I’m not an electrical engineer by any means. I now have an array of USB chargers for various devices and am wondering if I can consolidate.

    No 1 is a plug that takes a USB lead, labelled as 5VDC, 750ma
    No 2 is also a plug that takes a USB lead, labelled as 5V, 1.8a
    No 3 is a plug with a lead built in and a red/green light to indicate charging status. It’s labelled 5.2V, 580ma

    From my meagre knowledge, I can swap 1 and 2, but 1 will take longer to charge a given device. Is that right? How does 3 fit into this equation? Will it blow things up?

    FWIW, 1 comes from a charger for 18650 batteries for my torch, 2 from my new tablet, 3 was left at work and I use it to charge a smartphone that someone gave me without a charger as the USB port on the phone seems dodgy and the light tells me when I’ve got the connection right and it’s actually drawing power


    I bought something called easyacc from a well known online retailer. It has 4 USB outputs. 2 amo x 2 and 1 amp and 0.5 i think. Long lead to the charger then you stick in your usb leads into it. I bought it after buying dodgy chargers claiming to be it originals but they ran hot and failed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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