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  • Fabdad

    Any downsides to buying a new phone and going sim only?


    Nope, only upsides.

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    missing out on those ‘free’ upgrades? but no, I haven’t had a phone under contract for many years, have either bought s/h from friends or off Amazon and the like. Never any problems.

    Not at all. Unless its a worse deal. Or a phone thats universally regarded as junk. Or just inappropriate for your needs.


    Work out what it would cost if you bought it under contract and what you can save by buying it up front and buyign a cheap sim with the same minutes/data as you want

    Saved me about £200 on my last contract by buying the phone outright and a much cheaper sim


    havent been on contract purchase of a phone for nearly 10yrs now.

    Much cheaper sim only, with the added advantage out here in the wilderness of being able to swap to another provider at for no cost when network coverage improves or deteriorates.

    I did some spreadsheets last time I bought a phone and it wasn’t very different (sim only contract with enough data + the cost of a new iPhone vs 24 month iphone contract). I suspect it depends what phone you want and how much data you need / want. Obviously it wouldn’t hurt to fire up excel and do sum somes.

    Actually I reckon the cheapest phone deal is to get into the mindset that you don’t need a new handset every 2 years… I’m now on a sim only deal.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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