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  • will

    Teetosugars – Member
    “can you hear me now??”

    2tyred – Member
    “Get back you bastard I’ll break yer legs”

    Love these bits so much! Really is quality TV.

    Looking forward to Peter Kay’s new tour DVD. 7th November!


    Max and Paddy- the scene where Paddy is caught masterbating

    ‘Paddy has needs! Paddy has needs!’

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    “What does it say?”

    “Pissflaps….what the bleedin’ hell is pissflaps?”

    Premier Icon Cougar

    I didn’t watch a lot of it, but I do remember

    “How far away are they?”

    … and that’s set me off giggling like an idiot here.

    The other bit that sticks in the mind, is they’re next to the tram lines in Blackpool, and there’s a memorial “to Allan” on the lamp-post. Inspired.


    My fave was the episode of Max & Paddy where they “obtained” a massive plasma screen for the van, then realised they had to use headphones – especially the closing scenes where Max was woken by Paddy

    (Series 1, Episode 1, it turns out)


    edit – this link takes you to the right scene 😀

    “Euurgh, Ger off, geroff! You animal, how could you!”

    Premier Icon lowey

    Brilliant telly. So much humor all crammed into it. I love the snippets of the end of conversations that you hear when the clip starts…

    Den Perry “anyway lads, like I say, she has got a cock, so you have been warned”


    The bit that has had me in tears of laughter tonight is:

    “Channel 4 and Peter Kay would like to state that the character of Keith Lard may have led some persons to wrongly believe that the character was based on a Mr. Keith Laird. We wish to make it clear that this is not the case, and would like to apologise to Mr. Laird and his family for the distress caused. We have also agreed to make a donation to the Fire Service Benevolent Fund and to Mr. Laird’s family for his and his family’s personal distress.”

    “Mr. Laird’s contribution to fire safety in Bolton is well documented and his professionalism and personal integrity are not in any doubt. If you would like more information on fire safety either contact your local fire station or go to for a list of links to useful websites. This information has been put together with the co-operation of both Greater Manchester County Fire Service and Keith Laird.”


    Premier Icon iain1775

    It’s genius
    In the next couple of months I’ve tickets to see Daniel kitson, Janice ‘Barbara nice’ Connolly and Dave Spikey standup gigs
    Well worth checking out the entire cast of Phoenix nights, they are all brilliant stand up comedians (although Mr Kay’s last tour was a bit weak)


    Ah, I’ve not seen this in ages, I have the boxset upstairs. Genius programme, and I’m a southerner.

    Ray Von has to be my favourite character though.


    Didn’t Daniel Kitson fall out with Peter Kay afterwards? Something to do with Kay taking credit for work he and Dave Spikey did.

    Premier Icon totalshell

    garlic bread.. job done.. smiles for rest of evening


    “Sweet baby Jesus and the orphans!”


    “shut your legs you little slut”
    “watch your mouth, there’s a child’s bike outside”
    The Half a Sixpence gig is a classic!


    Well I’m a southerner and I think its funny. Mind you when I was working up that way I was a regular guest at the Mercury Motel in Westhoughton. Big band night was the highlight of the week, straight out of Pheonix nights.


    Watched the new tour DVD last night. Brilliant!

    The school teachers bit was amazing, had me crying.

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