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  • rosscopeco

    Spiders all day long. My skin is crawling even writing this down. I’ve no idea where it comes from.

    I remember once when my 3 year old found one crawling along the garden fence. He dropped whatever he had in his hand, ran in to the house and came out with one of his plastic hammers. He then proceeded to hammer the spider into a messy pulp….I’ve never had a prouder moment.

    Oh, and wet slippy roots…I’ve had too many ‘off’s’ on them 😀


    As others have said maybe not phobias more aversions.
    Dry foam sponges and tights, I hate them catching on the rough skin on my hands.
    Unprotected edges on rooftops, not ideal as I am a telecom engineer and a large percentage of sites are located on roofs.
    Deep water again not ideal as I swam the English Channel last year and spent most of the time wondering how long it would take to reach the bottom if I sank.
    Probably more but I’m obviously dealing with them.

Viewing 2 posts - 81 through 82 (of 82 total)

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