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  • Philips Park – worth it for a couple of hours?
  • Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Philips is good but it is only a couple of miles long. You can do it 6 times in two hours!

    Strava link to a longer route that can be added to Philips if you are interested.

    BTW. The new “owners” think that riding bikes on the trails will wear them out. So no naughty skidz.

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    which one? prestwich, or clayton vale?

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Good point. I was talking about the Prestwich one.

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    It’s short, but fun. The red trail is only a few minutes of fast flowing trail. One side has some great tabletops, the other more berms and mid-trail jumps, including Tourette’s Leap…. I won’t spoil the surprise!

    Head off from the red trail down into the lower park and you’ll find a fast pedally blue run that’s fun to lap a couple of times. Be sure to take the red diversions…. the little downhill bit is great fun, and see if you can’t clear the stream crossing.

    I can vouch for Tourette’s Leap although its not what it was – more an ‘Oh’ now than an ‘Arggh’…

    Think that its time for the one they call ‘Grotbags’ to get it sorted!

    As the others have said, its a good place for a couple of hours but worth combining into a longer ride around Prestwich Clough and up towards Nob End.


    cool, will definitely be off there then, followed by indyman beers in the evening. I was talking about the Prestwich one btw.


    Harry-t-s, have you got a gpx file of that route, I would like to do it from the Bolton end, maybe linking to Bradshaw.


    Premier Icon terrahawk

    there’s a gpx button on the Strava map.


    I’m up in Audenshaw this weekend, and in order to avoid shopping etc, i’m thinking of heading over to philips park on Saturday morning for a couple of hours. Not sure what to expect. Any info?

    Philips Park from Bromley Cross / Bradshaw

    Hows that for you? Practically all off road!

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