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  • Phantom Macho feeling
  • Premier Icon neverfastenuff
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    When your all togged up and have a bit of dirt on you do you feel ‘Macho’ when you pass ladies walking on your bike?

    Premier Icon noteeth
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    My God, Yes – invariably ruined by getting stuck in clipless pedals and toppling over at traffic lights.

    But then they rush over and nurse me, so it all balances out (maybe).

    Premier Icon simonfbarnes
    Free Member

    Not as such, but I like it when they give me the eye…

    Premier Icon druidh
    Free Member

    I’ve never had a lady walk on my bike.

    Premier Icon neverfastenuff
    Free Member

    Have none of you noticed just how the ladies look at you, I have, phoar, even riding on the road the ladies in cars oggle, and I am an old git…

    Premier Icon coffeeking
    Free Member

    Nope, they usually look like “arent you too old to be playing on bikes?”.

    Premier Icon
    Full Member

    They’re laughing at us the second we pass by.

    Premier Icon Stoner
    Free Member

    they’re checking out the lunchbox in your lycra.

    That wink? It’s a spasm from stffling a giggle.

    Premier Icon tarka_the_rotter
    Free Member

    That’s not fair Stoner – it’s very cold outside *looks sheepish, orders baggies*

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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