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  • hughjengin

    Got a 2013 Carbon Stumpy, with a prematurely goosed PF30 BB, its the SRAM one with nylon push in cups. I can replace like for like but am concerned another SRAM one will be just as bad. Anyone have any experience of a worthy replacement to this one. A lot of them have aluminium cups, but I dont know whether these can be used directly in a carbon frame, or whether its wise to just use the nylon type.

    Ramsey Neil

    Wheels manufacturing do one that is a lot better than the Sram equivalent .


    I got through 5 of these in 6 months last year on my Epic, all under warranty.

    Speaking to Specialized they told me SRAM have improved on the bearings and seals.

    My dealer got fed up and switched me to a GXP with BSA to PF30 insert. This lasted like a normal BB but got stuck when I replaced it. Now back on the PF30 for the summer and has worked pretty well, but then I am riding my MTB a lots less.

    I strip it down and wack a load of waterproof grease around it at least once a month though.


    Genetic do one – available via Ison. Just got one for my Spearfish so too early to tell on durability yet.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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