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  • peugout 5008 owners
  • poolman

    Anyone got one, the 110 hp 1.6 hdi one? seems a lot of car for the money but I am concerned about the diesel particulate filter – I think all 110 hp Pug diesels have them.

    What are they like to drive? do they wallow around a bit?

    Thanks in advance, much appreciated


    Dpf is the least of the worries with the 1.6 hdi engine. 2.0 hdi is a much better engine and real world economy isnt far off the 1.6


    Don’t own one (who would) but i’ve worked on LOADS

    Complete utter crap, as above the engine is a disaster in them. Build quality for other things like the folding seats is a disgrace.

    Just don’t buy one.

    Same mechanicals but I prefer the c4 Picasso loads more room don’t buy the exclusive spec though.
    * I work for PSA * I’m obviously not impartial

    Do a google search on the psa 1.6 hdi engine problems.
    Then buy something else. Almost anything else will have better built quality and be nicer to drive. They are the ultimate “car for people who know nothing about cars”

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    Someone at work has one. Hates it and is constantly having it fixed, seriously contemplating ending the lease deal early and paying a penalty to get of of the contract.

    Don’t get one is the answer.

    Do a “google” search on any car, any engine in fact anything and you will find problems/faults
    As on a million other threads. Ford/Mazda/Volvo/Peugeot/citroen fitted that engine. It’s a great engine just 20000 miles between service is too much and 90% of the population never bother to check their oil between service so basically most ran on no oil for over 12 months and then people complain when turbos fail. 95%+ of failures are lack of oil, poor quality oil or poor servicing.

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    Had one as a hire car in France and really liked it. Did do some long drives. But can’t say anything for the reliability


    I have to say I am a bit fond of Peugeots. I have owned 3 307SW’s over the years particularly when the kids were young.
    The last one I drove for over 140k and I didnt have a single issue. When I sold it the guy who turned up couldnt believe that every single electrical item worked and the air con was frezing! (they all need re-gassing at some point) It had the panoramic sunroof which the kids loved and was massive with the seats taken out. It was incredibly practical, smooth and very economical as well as having all the toys. We had 8 summers of trips around Europe and Skiing trips without a single issue.

    Some people have issues with cars regardless of the their quality and others have very few. Its less about the vehicle itself and more about how you drive and look after it. My mate who is an engineer called me “mechanically sympathetic” which I took as a compliment. Also had two Alfa’s neither of which caused me any bother.

    problem is these days, you can buy almost any brand of car and have no/lots of problems… i think the exception to this rule is honda and toyota.
    I bought a merc instead of something cheaper and french, thinking it would be bullet proof, but had no end of problems.

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    I have a 5008 😳 😀

    It’s a 2L diesel (140hp ?)

    Wasn’t my 1st choice but needed a MPV quickly and it was CHEAP. I was very wary of Peugeot but we’d hired the Citroen version on a holiday and quite liked it apart from the wallowy ride. Peugeot got “decent” reviews overall and rides firmer.

    No problems in 3yrs – apart from when I hit a deer

    Runs fine, is pretty quick, does 40-45 mpg and carries even biggish kids in the back quite comfortably (haven’t tried 6ft blokes !). Drives OK IMO – soft when fully laden, quite firm when not. Does tramline a little bit. I test drove a SMax and very little in it when unladen – neither’s brilliant; this bollocks about being a drivers car is, err, bollocks when you’re buying a 7-seat MPV (apart from the super sporty SMax the 1st garage got me to test which had about 175hp petrol engine, low profile tyres, sports suspension and all that. Great until you hit a rough road).

    Peugeot were discounting very hard when I bought it as their reputation for reliability was kack – probably still are. Loads of extras on the model I got for way less than the basic models in competitors ranges. I assume resale will be shit but I’m expecting to keep it for long enough not to matter (or until the much-predicted catastrophic electrical failure)

    Would those ^ up there who seem to know the car let me know what problems I should expect, esp if I can prevent them ?


    I bought a merc instead of something cheaper and french, thinking it would be bullet proof, but had no end of problems.

    I bought a Merc also, Other than a known issues with alloy wheels “bubbling” which were replaced under warranty not had a single issue

    @surfer – hence my first paragraph in my post.


    We’ve got one – 2.0 Diesel 150hp Sport. It’s great. No reliability problems, solid build, bags of space and quick/economical.

    I’ve had VAG motors that were a pain, and french motors that have been great; it’s just the way it goes I guess.

    Including an Espace! Go figure…


    thanks for the posts, I am a fan of peugout diesels – my current 406 2.0 hdi has done 150k miles without a problem.

    Looks like an Octavia/mondeo/cmax then….


    If you like the 5008 get one with the 2.0 not the 1.6 turbo death motor.




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