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  • weare138

    His one funny joke was on blue Peter this afternoon –
    Knock Knock
    Whose there?
    Ash who?
    Bless you.

    Made my three and five year old laugh after I’d explained it to them…


    Mad Max 2 is on ITV so that’s me sorted.

    Again, can you PSA if you the first one showing. Beyond The Thunderdrone was on lately, it hasn’t improved.


    Well I’ve found Rocky III – that’ll do me.


    if you suck the comedy teat of the milking cow for too long, the milk dries up and you’re left with a crusty dried up sack of skin with irritating mastitis. such is modern comedy.

    I thought the Walliams STD sketch was the funniest thing tonight, no I’ll revise that, the funny thing tonight.

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    cupra – Member

    Tim Vine is pitiful on the humour front

    I’d agree, except that his hockey stick behind the ear sketch just about made me fall off my seat.

    Is it me or is it just not funny this year,

    it never has been. I’m staying away from the TV tonight

    I thought Rowan Atkinson was downright offensive to people who belong to the Church of England, especially the Archbishop. I am not C of E myself but as an essentialy Christian nation he shouldn’t be so insulting and then the remarks about shagging the neighbour etc etc. What an idiot! I can’t stand him. All this was very early in the evening when small children were watching. I don’t think any comedian is any good if he has to resort to offending peoples religious beliefs or smut. If someone was on TV insulting an Islamic leader there would be public outrage and claims of rascist comments! Then Peter Kay had to mention dog s**t and it was still only about 8pm. My 5 year old granddaughter saw it all and asked my daughter what shagging the neighbours means.
    Children in schools have been excitedly fundraising all over the country today and it of course they wanted to look in at the progress that Comic Relief was making. They should have been able to without having to have their viewing censored by their parents.
    If they really must put Rowan Atkinson going on about the church & shagging neighbours then Peter Kay talking drivel, it should be after 9pm!
    Personally, by 8.30 I was bored with the lot and switced the TV off.

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    bigdean – Member
    Is it me or is it just not funny this year, when was the last funny one. Still donated some money so must be doing something good

    Some might say it’s giving the disadvantaged/dying Africans a much needed helping hand that should make you donate, not how much you are made to laugh but hey, I wouldn’t say that… 😉

    Boom Boom Zokes! You can say that again!!!!! 😆


    I watched The Wildest Dream on BBC2 about Maloray and Irvine and their attempt on Everest. Read the book a few years ago, it was great to see all the movie footage taken on the expedition.


    Have to say i agree 100% with Judy-Rockshox about Rowan Atkinson – i thought it was totally inappropriate. John Bishop was a sad man, Ricky Gervais was Ricky Gervais.

    As for Peter Kay, well i’m a Boltonian and i always try to seek the positives in his act. Years ago he started well and i dont begrudge him the money he’s made, I just wish he’d enjoy a retirement on that money and give up making this rubbish. It was a good comedy idea – just very poorly executed.

    That said, much of the video was shot in and around our village and the moorland scenes were all up where we go mountain biking so the video was interesting to me, if for the wrong reasons!

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    Whilst I’d argue that we’re a “Christian” nation, I thought the Rowan Atkinson thing was on a bit early. What happened to the 9pm watershed?


    I only saw the part around 10pm-midnight. Jonathan Ross and Jack Whitehall. Lame and crude.

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    Bugger, shame I missed it.


    There isn’t a single contemporary comic, bar one, that I find in any way amusing. Miranda makes me squirm, her only ‘thing’ seems to be falling over in a forced, unnatural fashion, or being loud. McIntyre has never said anything whenever I’ve seen him on TV that has even made me smile. Tim Vine actually does, though; he’s a master of the quick one-liner, and when he was on 6Music yesterday morning his comments actually made me laugh.
    I can’t think of any comedian these days who’s up to the standards of Dave Allen, for example; he was the master of observational comedy.


    Michael McIntyre was a surprise guest at a Frank Skinner compered event at the Edinburgh Festival a few years ago. I’d never been impressed by his TV apearances beforehand, but enjoyed his live performance.

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