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  • Personal Trainers – Used One? Good/Bad Experiences?
  • A while ago I would have immediately dismissed a personal trainer as a bit of an unnecessary luxury for the average person.

    However my problem is that I’ve been working very hard for the past 3 years and noticed as a result that what fitness I ever had has reduced and my belly is ever expanding. After trying to do something about it for quite a while with pretty much no success a recent change in circumstances has given me some more serious motivation.

    When I was in the gym tonight for the second day in a row I was thinking that I have no real idea what I’m doing and that matters are further compounded by having a pretty rubbish diet. I’ve read quiet a few posts on here which have contained useful and seemingly sensible information but I find it hard to apply everything I read to my own lifestyle particularly as I work offshore on a ad-hoc basis so I’m constantly changing gyms, working hours etc. an don’t have full control over what I can eat.

    This is where I started thinking that possibly I could go to someone who could give me a sound basic understanding along with some sort of plan specifically designed to what I would realistically be able to do, and perhaps I would be able to use my time more wisely. Do average people use personal trainers to do this or is the cost prohibitive, a quick google suggests its not too expensive but do you get what you pay for?

    Obviously I try and get out on my bikes as much as I can but it always tends to be a 1.5/2hr blast which I expect isn’t that useful in the grander scheme of things.

    And I realise that I could probably join a gym and get them to do some kind of plan but it doesn’t really appeal, I like the idea of something more dedicated to me.

    Bit of a long post, thanks if you read this far, and thanks if you have any advice.


    Can’t comment on Personal Trainers, but for some more focussed training you could take up a Martial Arts (that’ll give you a good workout once or twice a week, as well as learning some new skills) and maybe enter a 10k run and follow a 8-12 week program?


    the thing about PTs is they should tailor your regime to you personally; a PT working out of your local FF or equivalent isn’t necessarily going to be able to do that.

    Anywhere near Leeds? I can recommend someone if you are…

    In Aberdeen so not very close to Leeds! Cheers anyway though,


    Used a personal trainer at the gym I go to a couple of years ago. I’d been going to the gym for years and was getting a bit bored. The sessions with the personal trainer were excellent and got me remotivated and also gave me some exercises to help with a knee problem I have, and also improved my technique in doing many of my regular exercises.

    She also did a diet diary and plan which was useful.


    currently using one as I lost all motivation with going to the gym – too much work, small child meant no time, back injury meant not able to ride. Currently training 2x a week with her – got moivation back (but still no time to do owt), but finding slowly getting results – waistline stable and possibly shrinking, core is good, and back is much improved – just now need to deal with shortening hamstrings a bit more.

    have also found got good results with a suspension trainer (TRX) which she uses rather than weights – that combined with some power walking (feel like a tol doing it, but cant run as it sets of back) and fit ball for core stuff is good – might seem gimmicky, but it seems to be doing the trick for me


    Thanks to a work client I had the use of a top class personal trainer for 12 months.

    Two 20min sessions a week, mostly working on my core and setting me up with a balanced food intake (he hates the word diet).

    He looked at my whole lifestyle, and asked where I wanted to be in 12 months, set small goals, advised me on what works, what is a waste of time.

    Free weight training to momentary muscle failure, sounded scary at first, but the results were staggering, lost a stone and a half, dropped my bmi by 6 points and my energy levels went through the roof!

    If you get the chance, go for it.


    can only agree, I truely hte gyms nd for most the motivtion to go to one lasts a few weeks and then life takes over and it gets dropped. Mine strted out with boxing sessions in my back garden but now includes more weights as she tailors the work towards specifics. Once a week with plenty of homework.

    Try it, once or twice, if it works for you, you’ll reap the benefits. It does sound that you are abusing the calorie in Vs calorie out theory. A trainer won’t really assist you in that regard.

    I used to have someone (a nationally ranked rower, a woman even) to write me a weights program every six weeks. This was for “variety” as I’d become stale. She introduced a whole lot of exercises to my routine I’d have never tried. So it was benefical as it challenged and changed the way I trained. Often you stick to a “routine” and become complacent. A trainer may challenge your routine and address the weakness/favoured routines.

    I also found training with someone was benefical as you motivate each other. It can get a little “alpha male though. It is a good social time too!


    The best motivating tool is to find an exercise you enjoy doing.
    If you struggle to motivate yourself and need somebody to schedule this for you then I suspect once that intervention is gone so will your desire to continue.
    As far as a PT to advise on ways to achieve certain objectives then no problem with that. It is simply coaching and we all need expertise and advice from experienced people.
    You sound like your lifestyle is chaotic however many peoples are.
    There is no easy solution IMO and you need to be driven enough to find time in your schedule to exercise.
    As Chris Boardman said however “your training schedule has to excite you”
    As a runner I have to be sufficiently motivated to run pretty much each day to achieve any level of performance. If I am only motivated to race then I would never turn up at a race in enough form to achieve anything. I have a young family and a busy job however I make it a priority to either run at 5:30 in the morning, 8pm at night etc. You need to find something that provides enough motivation to you personally to find time during your day.
    Good luck


    The best motivating tool is to find an exercise you enjoy doing.

    Nail. Head. Hit.

    The idea of going the gym makes me want to unplug my head. So I exercise doing things I enjoy, so i am getting fit while having fun. I do biking, bit of climbing and bag work and HIIT running. Hoping to start doing some circuit training at my local Taekwondo centre as well.

    Find the thing you enjoy and turn that into your exercise source.

    Oh and lay off the pies, keep a food diary and join the STW Fat Club.

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