Pericarditis, any (ex)sufferers here?

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  • Pericarditis, any (ex)sufferers here?
  • amedias

    Anyone had or dealing with this?

    Tell me about impacts, recovery time etc.

    Just succumbed and feeling prettty awful and low about it.

    Wife gets pericarditis about once a year or so due due to complications with other conditions.
    Depends on the severity, but can go on for months, some times only a few weeks.
    It’s pretty much just a case of rest and more rest I’m afraid.


    I might have had it in 2000, signed of work for 6 months and house bound for the last 5 of those. They didn’t know what it was and after 6 months decided that was it.
    Took a month to get back to biking fitness…no I’ll effects or any other issues, but I’m not certain that is what I had.


    I supposedly had it in 2009. Started getting weird chest pains, ectopic heartbeats and anxiety and ended up in an ambulance to Leeds General Infirmary where they kept me in for 48 hours because of abnormal ECG readings. I remember lying in the hospital bed hooked up to an ECG with tubes going into my arms and the nurses and doctors talking in the background saying they thought I’d had a heart attack.

    I had an MRI a few weeks later and the results showed no heart damage so got told I had acute pericarditis. The symptoms lasted well in to the end of that year. The anxiety from the whole episode lasted even longer. Scary stuff. Healing vibes OP.


    Used to get it pretty frequently, normally when I was pretty run down or had been working too hard and stressed. Some sources claim it can be loosely linked to cold sores, this applies in my case as I would often get it before or soon after having a cold sore.

    No cure but ibuprofen helped a bit allowing me to get a little sleep.


    Been waiting since May for a cardiac mri to look into this (I assume) for me. Rang today to hear I’m still 23rd on the list and one of their scanners is broken.

    I get ectopics that get worse with exercise. Horrible tight and nauseous feeling in my neck and some sort intermittent ache in the left of my chest. Beats are 2-3 beats, miss a beat when it’s happening.

    I don’t notice usually during exercise, but do after and it gets worse after I’ve done a lot, either long ride/walk or just when I’ve had a lot on for a few days or so.

    Officially I’m not supposed to be doing any exercise ….


    Thanks for your posts, not filling me with optimism but I’ll hope for the best


    Impact and recovery time is dependent on what is causing the pericarditis. If it is viral infection, and the majority of cases are, then it isn’t unreasonable to expect the symptoms to resolve within 1-2 weeks.

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