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  • People who ride flats – what do you use on your road bike?
  • Premier Icon jam bo

    when i briefly owned a road bike I put flats on it.


    Its so easy to clip/unclip! Learn to track stand at the lights!

    Dom C

    I always ride flats on my MTBs and always ride clipless on my road bike.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Track pedals. Light and reliable. Use them on my mtb too.


    I ride flats on my mountain bike, and proper spds on my road bike or commuting bike.

    I’m the opposite I got used to riding flats on my mountain bike as I always used to use spds.

    I track stand, if your in traffic use mtb pedals, I find them much easier to clip in and out of.

    You can buy lightwieght flat pedals better than DMR.


    V12s on my mtb and Time RXE on my road bike. No problem at all switching between them.

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    some ancient, heavy, DX caged SPDs.


    I didnt know anyone uses flats on a road bike. Whats the point?


    People who ride flats ride road bikes? Oh the horror!


    mtb flats
    road clipless

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Full sus bike – flats
    hardtail – platform spds
    road bike – regular mtb spds
    tourer – combo spd one side/flat other

    I want a pair of these A530 pedals, for using the roadie round town/commuting, but haven’t dropped on a bargain yet

    i hate to start the old arguement again, but does anyone have a link to an explanation as to why being clipped in is more efficient??

    is the learning to use SPDs or whatever the roads ones are called worth the pain?

    “I didnt know anyone uses flats on a road bike. Whats the point?”

    flat pedals are just ‘pedals’ to me, its all i’ve ever used.


    When clipped in you can pull up on the pedal and thus increase productivity I believe? I could very well be wrong!


    I just got back in riding from injury and started off by flats on a road bike-cheap road cage from wellgo thing.

    After a bit of fitness improvement-that allowed my brain to function and not knackered anymore I dug out my old xtr spds and chucked them on the road bike-holy crap did it make a difference in muscle use and speed (and pain).

    Was recommended by riding friends for city use and ease of clipping in/out.

    Lying around are a set of Ultegras that will put on my road training day bike.

    I still have mtb flats as I seem to be hooked on roading. I seem to stick my foot out all the time on the mtb and my soft shoes dig into the flat pedal’s spikes well that allows to pedal to lift. I bet spds would make the climbs quicker.

    I’ll just improve my fitness and skill slowly and use spds on the mtb when it’s not super muddy.

    I was pooping my pants going back to being clipped in on my roadbike but just practise over the sofa! now I couldn’t ride without them. I suggest folks try mtb spds with stiff soled shoes and get confident in traffic.

    I can never clip out of my road pedals easily for some reason-bad technique probably.

    If anyone wants to try-I say go for it.

    being able to pull the pedals up doesn’t really explain anything in itself. you still need to do energy to do that. if you need twice as much energy to push and pull you’ve not gained anything.

    however a quick google reveals its a bit more complciated. My understanding is that the most efficient pedal position to apply force is when its parallel to the ground. being clipped in means you foots in this position twice on every stroke rather than once (one side pushing the other pulling).

    sounds like a lot of training would be needed, not to unclip, but to gain the benefits from being clipped in:

    nah i’m wrong again there. pedal forces just go perpendicular to the pedal. maybe. ah nuts i don’t know.

    if you have a road bike and you’ve ridden flats (for 10-15 years ish) on the MTB what pedals do you use??

    I think after so long riding flats, my muscles have got used to it, however it seems a bit silly putting some DMR V8’s on a lightweight road bike!

    what have others done? got used to being clipped in on the road bike??

    Thing is i live on the outskirts of London, and plan on cycling in occasionally and there’s traffic lights every few hundred metres or so. i.e. Lots of clipping/unclipping. argh.


    I know they use more energy but I find using my hamstrings and my calfs not just my quads helps me climb on the road bike.

    Not everyone will get on with it. But I definatley noticed my quads being less stressed. And my leg working as a whole unit.

    (Also improving core fitness helps anyway.)

    Pulling the pedals up quicker allows me to spin like I never could before.

    Also I find going downhill at high speed over bumps in the road-well being clipped in keeps me on the bike-part of the bike instead of holding on and bouncing on the saddle.

    It’s up to you whatever you use and what works for you.

    I have loads of traffic as well and I would only use spds. Country lanes and I love using the large platform road pedals. But only as I can’t get out of the lowest setting!

    Try double sided mtb Spds -practice in the lounge and you’ll realise after a few turns you can clip out of them really easy! And after a few goes you’ll be fine.

    If you really don’t want to then don’t force yourself.

    Or ask a pal to show you how easy it is.


    Gone back to flats on my mtb, but keeping spds on my road bike definitely. You get used to it pretty quick.

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