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  • People who have never been to the coast/seaside.
  • oneoneoneone

    a lad who i was in the army with had never been on a beach/seaside.

    he became a marine engineer. 😕

    Premier Icon paulosoxo

    Having grown up on the coast it’s certainly something I’d miss. We were up at Bamburgh last week, and it’s so beautiful there.

    It surprises me that you could avoid seeing the sea in a country as small as ours!

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    As I grew up in northumberland you could see the sea most of the time, same when I lived in Cumbria, kind of take it for granted.

    When I lived in Loughbourgh the coast seemed like something from a dream with no chance of getting near it


    i guess some people don’t miss what they have never known, if your happy with what you have why would you look for more?

    I think there is an element in some people that keeps them looking for something better, so they do new things, go to new places, whilst other people are happy with what they have and aren’t bothered with new things?

    I live 100m from the sea and its ace
    Apart from when a storm comes in . 30mph wind and rain sounds like the fire brigade are blasting the windows with a fire hose .
    It is very calming coming home and sitting with a cuppa just watching the ferries /containerships trundling in and out of the Solent.

    Premier Icon mtbmaff

    I was reading the thread about people never having ridden a bike and it made me think of a brother and sister I know who have never been to the coast, never seen the sea. They are in their fifties now and from a farming family, I still see the sister and sometimes ask if she’s been yet? The answer is still no, they don’t have time, never felt the need.
    I was at school with them when I first found out and it always felt sad and strange that they’d never been on a beach.
    Is it really that unusual in this day and age and living on such a small island?

    Premier Icon Matt24k

    As some one who spends most of their time under or on The Indian Ocean there are a few times when I wish I couldn’t see the sea. Not many though!

    Premier Icon njee20

    I went to uni with someone who’s parents absolutely spoiled him (brand new Mini, replaced with a brand new 1 series 8 months later when he got bored, random Christmas presents like £1000 guitar he never wanted and never touched etc) but it turned out it was compensating for the fact that they never did anything or spent time with him! We took him on his first flight, first trip to a foreign country, first trip to a zoo, first theme park. Some folk are weird!

    He had been to a beach though admittedly.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    I live in the Midlands. Some people have never seen that.

    Premier Icon FOG

    Got on a bus in Grenoside [ex-village now suburb of Sheff. about 5miles from centre]. Started chatting to an old chap who asked where we were going, Sheffield for a pint, and confessed he had never been there despite living his whole life in Greno! Needless to say he only travelled a few stops before getting off.
    How can you live 70 odd years without visiting the nearest large population centre, all of 5 miles away?

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