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    Bikes suffer more than cars where I live. I’ll take a camera to the baker’s this morning and see what I see. Any cars or bikes showing signs of deliberate damage that make them unusable will be posted.

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    So if your’e bike was deliberately damaged beyond reasonable/quick repair by some scrote in Le Gets & stopped you from riding it for the rest of your holiday, you’d simply say, ‘ah well, thats life’?


    Jesus H Christ, is this some kind of none comparative damage escalator 🙄
    If someone dropped nuclear bombs on the Alps and turned them into a non ridable post apocalyptic nuclear wasteland, then yes that would piss me off.
    Is that close enough to a dink in a car door for you to feel you have made your point?


    Our car is seriously messed up all down one side..
    It’s the newest car we’ve ever owned, 3 years old and bought with the little bit of money that my grandparents left after a lifetime of stashing cash in the mattress..

    Someone saw fit one day to doodle all down every panel on the drivers’ side with a stone or similar, paying particular attention around the door handles.. big swirling spirals and at certain points it looks very much like they tried to colour some parts in..

    The scumbag responsible..?

    Our 2 year old son with a small chunk of plasterboard that he’d found in the boot, after an afternoon spent watching us decorating in the house he thought he’d have a go at it on the car..

    bless ‘im.. 😆


    The verdict: 1/8 bikes damaged beyond use and 0/100s of cars. If I’d returned via the station I’d have no doubt had lots of photos but this will have to do:

    Looks deliberate to me. If it were worth more it would no doubt have been stolen like any bike worth more than a couple of hundred euros left out locked to the railings at night.


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    Okay I see what you’re saying but I don’t agree with all of your points still.

    If I wanted to condone criminal damage, I would say it. I did say you shouldnt be suprised if happens after you piss someone off and thats what I meant.

    Okay that might be what you meant, but what you said was: “try taking a bunch of kids to a supermarket without them opening a door into the next car.”

    How i read that is that you are accepting of kids damaging other people’s cars. In other words: “It’s bound to happen”. I disagree with that point.

    I have taken children to the supermarket, parked in their ridiculously tight spaces without damaging anybody elses car. I held the doors for the younger ones and just told the older one to be careful. No problem. Yet some fully grown clumsy/lazy idiots cannot manage not to dent other cars.

    And i’m not a petrol head by the way, I drive a 5 year old mighty 1.8 litre Focus.
    It is nothing to do with the fact it is a car being damaged, it is the fact that it is somebody else’s property and the damage is easily avoidable.

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    Malicious damage infuriates me as I generally take pride in the things I own. Some people just don’t have any respect for other people’s things but that’s the way of the world. Just because something becomes old it can still be kept in good condition.
    I’ve just picked up a brand new car last week but accept its just a matter of time before someone opens a door onto it. It’s inevitable. Car park spaces are the same size but cars are getting bigger and the people that drive them fatter……

Viewing 7 posts - 81 through 87 (of 87 total)

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