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  • Peogeot 206 diesel. What exactly is included in a service ?
  • Mrs Militant keeps mentioning that her car is due for a service soon.
    I've got no problem doing the work, I've serviced hundreds of trucks and buses, I'm just not sure exactly what needs doing on a car.
    Engine oil & filter and fuel filter – goes without saying.
    Gearbox oil ? Can it be changed ? Some cars don't have a drain plug, the oil is in there for life.
    There's no grease nipples on a car are there ?
    Take the wheels/drums off and have a look at the brakes and check the wheel bearings.
    Have a good look at any rubber bushes or mountings.
    Anything else ?
    Is it worth buying a Haynes manual ? Does it give a list of service items and so on ?

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    I have a 306 derv burner. Apart from the usual filters and oil I have changed the gear box oil around the 100000 mark, cam belt at about 80000 and brake fluid every 2-3 years along with the coolant. Other than that run an oily rag over it now and again. As you said look at the bushes/ mounts, brakes ect…

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    Haynes manaul details the manufacturers service list for my rover perfectly, would presume it would for the pug too.

    You sound more able than I, I overdo the minor serive (every 6k miles as opposed to 12k) and every other major I take it to a garage incase I miss something.

    I found tons of valuable advice on model specific problems by going to the rover forum, might be an idea for you to find a pug one.

    A Haynes manual costs about £15-20 – most of the info you will need will be there. Bit of a no brainer really….

    Haynes manaul details the manufacturers service list for my rover perfectly

    Thanks, that's the sort of information I wanted.
    When I service the buses, someone in the office works out if it's due and A,B,C or whatever service. I get a service sheet and just work down the list doing all the items under the appropriate letter.
    As long as there's a similar list in the Haynes manual based on mileage and specifications for oils, I can work from that.

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    If you do the stuff you suggest that will be more than you get in a normal service!

    Ring up the local Pug dealership and ask them what they do for the money?

    Only problem with doing it ourself means that you wont get the stamp in your service book…

    Good point about the service stamp.
    I just asked and Mrs Militant intends to keep the car until it dies, so resale value isn't so important as it would be if she was planning on trading it soon.
    I won't be able to turn the service light off when it comes on. We can just take it to an independent garage for that, or I can stick a bit of black tape over it.

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    Do what I do, all the reciepts for filters/oil etc etc I drop into a brown envelope for each car. It's not quite the same as a dealer/garage service history but it's more than enough to be able to say service history.

    Got the Haynes manual from Halfords, only £16 with my trade card.
    Lists all the various service items at 6k, 12k, 24k miles etc.
    Gives the oil specifications.
    Everything I needed really.
    I like the little 1-5 spanner difficulty ratings. 🙂

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    Get on the 206 / Pug forums. I'd imagine they have a fairly dedicated if "yoof" following. Normally owner's clubs / forums have a fair few people who have the factory online manuals, which detail what has to be done when. Peugeot have A & B services if I remember correctly, then a few special ones on long intervals for glow plugs etc. It's printed in the front of manual.

    Anyhow, the normal service tends to consist of oil, filter, possibly air filter & cabin filter (generally on a B or 2 service), diagnostic check, underbody corrosion material check, brake friction material and check the door check straps / grease the hinges. Gearbox oil is normally on a hugely long interval, if at all – 80K plus.

    The owner's clubs also usually know how to reset service lamps and do diagnostics checks for cheap – I have a cable to diag the VWs off ebay, and there's a procedure for the service lamp – usually a dance with the ignition key & the trip reset button.

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    Yeah – resetting the service light is normally a case of

    press this button for 2 seconds while twiddling this, opening the windows and patting your head while rubbing your tummy.
    You just need to know what the 'code' is.

    There are Peugot forums ? 😯
    I go on mountain bike, Land Rover and vintage truck forums because there is a sort of shared enthusiasm amongst owners.
    It never occurred to me there might be a Peugeot 206 forum.
    It's just a car.
    That would be like having a washing machine or vacuum cleaner forum.

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    there's a forum for everything!!!
    there used to be a very good frencvh car forum, not been on it for a while but a Lot of info on it!
    i used it a lot when it was parts of Andyspares (German sweedish and french car parts) for the citroen and always found it good,

    sounds like you know what your doing so wouldnt worry about it, the dealer stamp is only good for resale on used cars, if your going to keep it till it dies then youve nothing to worry about, French cars may not be to all taste's but the deisels they make are second to none and more often than not outlive the car and often the next!

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