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  • gusamc

    understand the charges (and their impact) and the commission to be paid (and note that commision is paid on the amount invested and is NOT related to fund performace) and the performance of the various funds (*past performance does not always get lived up to…)

    It can help to consolidate – as mgmt charges can do down on larger amounts, however I am not putting all my eggs in 1 basket (see Equitable Life for reason as to why)

    I would read up on a SIPP – you have (*well you should have) a vested interest in the long term performance of your pension, all other parties have an interest in commission or management fees. Important note, if you would leave your bike in the garage for 25 years without an annual check/review etc and then expect it to be work perfectly when you wheel it out you are not suited to a SIPP, you need to work at owning a SIPP and a once a *edit full and complete *edit year review would be the absolute minimum IMHO.


    STW pension gurus….what’s your thoughts on pension consolidation?

    I’ve just moved jobs and as and I wasn’t at my last place long enough I have to transfer the pension I built up or loose the benefits (company contributions and tax relief), no brainer really.

    however, the new pension provider charges a 250 quid fee for doing this but that will cover multiple pensions so im thinking it might make sense to do the other 2 pensions I have kicking about….neither are massive (less than 10k each).

    the only down sidei can see is and exit fees on the other pensions.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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