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  • Trimix

    Have you used the grippy paste in the seat tube ?

    No, it’s alloy. The post is fine ‘out-of-bike’ Becasue it’s 125mm drop, there’s quite a lot of post in the seattube, hence why I got a 380, so I can’t pull it out much more.

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    try using grippy paste – you need less clamping force.

    Right OK, I’m picking up what your putting down now.

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    Did you write the press release for those RS Pikes?

    Is it a bit ‘young’ for all you old ‘dudes’? Just tried to make it a bit more interesting than, ‘my 380 reverb sticks, will I die?’

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    Anyone who had enough money 3 years ago to start a thread about their CK hubs isn’t that young 😉


    The fitting instructions for the post advise:-

    “Apply friction paste
    Apply a moderate amount of friction paste to the inside of the seat tube and contact
    surface of the seatpost. Do not apply grease.
    WARNING – Seatpost Slippage
    Friction paste is designed to create friction between the contact surfaces to prevent
    the seatpost from slipping without over-torquing the seat clamp device. Failure to use
    friction paste could allow your seatpost to slip during use which could lead to serious
    injury and/or death.”

    So RTFM 🙂


    +1 grippy paste (used on my reverb and LEV)

    OK, so I got a 30.9″ 420-125mm drop Reverb, no probs. So there I am, with another bike, like you do, wanting another dropper post, like you do. Ya know what it’s like, you want to save a bit of weight, without giving up pies. So I goes for a 30.9″ 380-125 drop,

    Now, the problem is, is that the post is a bit ‘sticky’ “It’s cos of the seat clamp’s too tight mate!” amongst other things, is what people shout at me. I loosen it off, but then the post sinks, it ain’t tight enough now! It ‘works’ but it doesn’t work properly like the 420.

    So, is the 380 length version any different? are the innards a bit further up the post? so now when you clamp the post the thing sticks?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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