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  • Pedals, allen keys etc – do they ever match?
  • This “sport” never fails to amaze me with its ability to throw constant technical niggles at me.

    So I recently bought some new pedals as I wanted to try out the trail version of spds. First nightmare was having to drill the old cleats out of my shoes! Then ride around the garden and settings on new pedals feel ok. But first proper ride, it becomes clear that they are set too tight, leading to some interesting moments on slopes that became too steep to ride up. So out with my set of allen keys (sensibly carried on me) and one most be the standard size for trail pedals, surely?!? Of course not, they are in-between. Its a bloody conspiracy I tell you!! More bloody trips to LBS just to change the pedals!!!! Petrol alone is way more than the pedals.

    Never bloody happens on a road bike 😳 Life used to be so simple!!!

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    Nope not had that problem with my Alien tool.


    odd is it a shimano pedal they are usually whole mm allen keys 3 or 4mm if I remember.

    Are you saying its a 2.5 or 3.5mm?

    Not sure exactly. Shimano pedal and bike specific set of Allen keys ( the black and yellow ones, just cant remember name). Just annoying as usual.

    Edit. Topeak version.

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    You drove to the bike shop to get your cleat tension adjusted?

    Very poor rant, 1/10 would be generous. Sorry.


    Cleats get mashed about and full of mud – I keep a special Allen key with filed-down corners for them. It’ll be a standard size, just full of crud.

    No not yet. Hope mates AK fits! But no choice otherwise as cleats are far too tight!!! Had a couple if hairy moments on steep bits already! 😉

    It’s brand new ones that need first adjustment, not my old spd’s. The AK fitted the old ones.


    Your allen key is imperial, the shimano pedals are metric.

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