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    just heard there’s a rumoured product recall on bottom brackets due to much back pedaling


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    mikewsmith – Member – Quote
    yep rip off frames is different to a cup of tea that somebody may have thought came from a town in France….

    You do know that the bike parts came first – i.e. before the cafe ?


    He won’t be going into the legal office at spesh again, eh?

    Someone not read and understood properly there methinks……


    Hard to pin point i guess, Santa Cruz frames on Chinese web sites.ECT. I have lived in Asia on and off and the night shift bang out copy’s to same spec its long known,the wife has original Louis Vuitton and the copy’s look the same ,everybody thinks she has a copy -but £750 pounds in Westfield says not? they can be as good if not the same – no returns hmmm and save ???? i have broken Cannondale and did they help ?NO murkey subject /same frame /no box /yes every time ?? but don’t cry if it breaks ???


    I own a Specialized. It cost me a fair chunk and I certainly won’t be embarrased to continue riding it. But then I have drunk a Starbucks, eaten Nestle products etc etc

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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