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  • Peaty’s Steel City DH – the 10th anniversary edition
  • stwhannah
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    After a hiatus thanks to all the predictable reasons, Steel City DH was back for its tenth edition, with Peaty’s Products as the headline sponsor – po …

    By stwhannah

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    Peaty’s Steel City DH – the 10th anniversary edition

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    It was an epic day and like all the Sheffield locals I’ve never seen it as dry & dusty! Congrats to Hannah for making the podium and for a neat write up. Never raced before but I fancy this next year…

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    Looks like a great event. Pat Horscroft is an inspiration to us all; 78 and still going for it. Well done Hannah for your third place. Hardline next, yeah?

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    78 years young Pat Horscroft.

    Role model right there.

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    Went with the boys and dog. Had a great day with awesome weather and the trail looked mint. Everyone seemed to be having a great time

    Tempted to enter myself next year, but will go and have a play on the track first as I’m only 30/40 minutes away. Expect I’ll bottle it once I’ve actually ridden the track myself.

    The 18 year old is tempted to enter though and he mends better than me.

    Steel City DH

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    I have never, ever seen dust like that in Sheffield. It was completely unrecognisable. I have stood there in horizonal rain, freezing wind and even snow before.

    Looking forward to actually getting up to ride the track.

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    A great day, no doubt – chuffed to be a part of the organisation.

    If you are planning to head to the track – maybe wait until it’s had time to get some rain and settle. Officially it’s closed until we (Ride Sheffield) have properly checked and sorted the signage. If you do head up – a run or two rather than sessioning, eh?!

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    Singletrack on the podium twice now! (not bragging or anything…)

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