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  • Fantastic album. Some of the other material, State of Love and Trust, Breath, I’ve got on the Singles soundtrack, so I don’t think I’ll bother buying the Legacy.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    whats the difference from the original?

    Premier Icon Too_Punk_To_Funk

    Why buy when I have the original??? Good album, but smells of money grabbing by a label to me…

    Jambo, I think it’s a 2 disc set, the original album on one disc, the original album plus 5 bonus tracks on the other. Not sure if anything has been re mastered or remixed. I would hope not. How could you improve on the original ?

    Boba Fatt

    got this today, have to say i can’t really tell much difference. A seminal album of my time at college (so many memories)

    Premier Icon eldridge

    LOL @ Boba Fatt

    A seminal album



    State of Love and Trust is better than any song on Ten I reckon…

    Boba Fatt

    at eldridge –

    ? ?/?s?m?nl/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [sem-uh-nl]
    1. pertaining to, containing, or consisting of semen.
    2. Botany. of or pertaining to seed.
    3. having possibilities of future development.
    4. highly original and influencing the development of future events: a seminal artist; seminal ideas.

    believe you me i meant the latter

    Premier Icon eldridge

    Hi Boba

    LOL again!

    You’ve still not made the connection between your copious dictionary definitions and the band name “Pearl Jam”

    Give in and I’ll tell you!

    Boba Fatt

    yeah i got that too, nicely pointed out 😀

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Jambo, I think it’s a 2 disc set, the original album on one disc, the original album plus 5 bonus tracks on the other. Not sure if anything has been re mastered or remixed. I would hope not. How could you improve on the original ?

    CD1 seems to be the original album, but CD2 is all remixes and bonus tracks.

    CD 2

    1. Once [Brendan O’Brien remix]
    2. Even Flow [Brendan O’Brien remix]
    3. Alive [Brendan O’Brien remix]
    4. Why Go [Brendan O’Brien remix]
    5. Black [Brendan O’Brien remix]
    6. Jeremy [Brendan O’Brien remix]
    7. Oceans [Brendan O’Brien remix]
    8. Porch [Brendan O’Brien remix]
    9. Garden [Brendan O’Brien remix]
    10. Deep [Brendan O’Brien remix]
    11. Release [Brendan O’Brien remix]
    12. Brother [vocal version/previously unreleased/bonus track]
    13. Just A Girl [previously unreleased/bonus track]
    14. Breath And A Scream [demo/previously unreleased/bonus track]
    15. State Of Love And Trust [previously unreleased/bonus track]
    16. 2000 Mile Blues [previously unreleased/bonus track]
    17. Evil Little Goat [rehearsal studio outtake/bonus track]

    — from

    I think there might be a DVD version too,.

    Brilliant album.

    The Legacy edition has the original album, plus a new mix, by Brendan O’Brien – who was the producer on all their subsequent albums, but not Ten. The only realy difference I’ve noticed on the re-mixes are slightly less reverb on the vocals and guitar.

    There’s another version with a DVD. This is the original album, the remixed album and then the DVD – which is not of the album but is actually their MTV Unplugged set from 1992.

    I think there’s another version which is nearly £100 and has repackaged 7 inch singles and loads of stuff like that.


    class album… i was always a Pearl Jam fan over Nirvana anyday.

    Then again the mighty Stone Temple Pilots beat both of them hands down…

    to see a nutter at work ‘Scott Weiland’ live on stage type in ‘plush stone temple pilots’ and look for a live video from texas….. out of his head on god knows what…

    Premier Icon kimbers

    Pearl Jam fan over Nirvana anyday.

    what are you some kind of musical jey boy, nirvana wiped the floor with pj

    Stone Temple Pilots beat both of them hands down
    oh dear,
    oh well whatever, nevermind


    Including the original album is just a way of boosting the price – most fans have it surely?


    Nirvana better than PJ? Not live for sure. Saw them both 91/92 and Nirvana were awful. Hving said that, they both disappeared up there own backsides after about 92… 🙂

    Alice in Chains FTW


    Pah. It’s all about RATM. For me.

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    No no no , Soundgarden knock them all into a cocked hat…

    Premier Icon beanum

    I’ve had a quick listen and the remastered versions seem to have more treble than I remember (I haven’t played it back to back with the original). I couldn’t really hear much difference on the remixed versions to be honest.
    The only reason I bought it was for the DVD. I’ve still got a dodgy VHS to DVD transfer of the original MTV Unplugged broadcast and I’ve been waiting for a decent copy of that performance for many years. That alone justified the cost for me…


    Nirvana, Pearl Jam, STP, Soundgareden and Alice in Chains are all great bands – no point arguing over who was best, they all had their moments.

    As for the Pearl Jam album, there are about 4 songs missing from it (included on the digi pak version of the original) which really should have been included, so as yet I’ve not bought it, but still probably will. even if it’s just to have state of love and trust in context when playing the full album through. The unplugged DVD is worth it’s weight in gold too.

    What about FNM while we are at it?


    They’re reforming this year, allegedly.


    The first disc is the original album but remastered, the 2nd disc being labelled as a remix is slightly misleading. Most people seem to be expecting new versions but basically they asked Brenden o’Brian to go back and redo Ten as it had been mixed by someone else( cant remember his name). The mix he has done has taken the reverb off the guitars and Eddies voice and brought it forward so you can actually hear the lyrics now. The bass is tighter and the drumming cleaner and crisper. Personnally i think it sounds much better and prefer it over the original but i suspect many would prefer it the way it was so really everyone should be happy with it !

    My partner listened to them with me switching between the discs and she likened it someone cleaning the windows or polishing the car. Not very technical i know, but i’m amazed i got her to listen to it in the first place !


    Remastered, not remixed in the usual sense of the word. Brendan O’Brian at the desk.

    Spend the afternoon listening to both, sitting on my sofa. Have to say, I prefer the remastered version. It’s like listening to poorly ripped mp3 compared to a FLAC rip, and some. Deserves a decent rig, not puny inner ear buds!

    Don’t know if anyone remebers it, but BBC2 did a special called No Nirvana which featured all the names of the day, Screaming Trees, Pearl Jam, RATM, Smashing Pumpkins, Chris Cornell and more all playing a couple of tunes, live in the OGWT studios.
    If only there were the music or a show to highlight it like that today 😥

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