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  • z1ppy

    Been meaning to for a long time, but not gotten there yet.
    The crap weather at the start of the year meant due to it “not really man made”, it wasn’t recommended, by ppl who’d been, when wet.
    I have to drive past the Wyre to get there… 20min to Wyre or 1hr+ to Hopton, yet to pass up on the Wyre 😳

    Got to get there soon though, as it is well rated by those who’ve been


    It does get pretty boggy when wet, in places, there’s one section through the trees about 1/2 way through where it’s constant up & downs, pedal scraping, hard going at the best of times, but torture in the wet to be fair.


    Did it last February. It was a great 10 mile loop
    Some of it was wet but all very rideable and enjoyable
    Reminded me of the good bits of dalby forest

    I was on holiday there for a weekend and hired a bike from Dave pearces shop who were great
    It was a camber 29er which was perfect .

    Definitely worth a visit if you live no more than an hour or so away…

    I imagine its riding very well right now …

    Premier Icon kayak23

    though it’s not really very man made

    The beauty of it…. Sshhh.. 😉


    Rode it last November when there were floods about. Thought it was excellent. I only found out about it whilst riding the Pearce Cycles GEnduro a month or so prior.
    When you say man-made, you mean not surfaced. It has plenty of berms and features, but not allweather surfaced


    Yeah, reasonably natural

    Premier Icon fathomer

    I rode it last weekend for the first time. Great little trail.


    Well managed to get there today, and damn if it a tough little bugger for such a short(ish) route, but lovely little ride in the sun this afternoon. That said we weren’t in a rush to do much more after doing the blue/qualifier/red.
    Great little trail making good use of all the wood and terrain. What a load of work Pearce cycles (and co?) must have put into it.
    The small part that is the red/black crossover was a ‘interesting’, and the whole run must be

    torture in the wet to be fair.

    Pity it’s not easier to get to, as I’d make effort to get there, and I’m only coming from kiddy way.

    A group of us came down from Dumfries at the start of the summer and rode it was enjoyable straight into it from the car park.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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