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  • Peak Park Rangers set to patrol on mountain bikes…
  • jekkyl

    Cool, where do you apply for a job?


    Martyn’s a good guy and has ridden bikes for years – he was instrumental in setting up the “Ride The Peak” group which over the years was subsumed into Ride Sheffield. I reckon that the PDNP staff are more broadminded than many riders would like to believe, so getting the (voluntary) rangers out and about on bikes might spread the word

    TL;DR version: this is GOOD.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    My personal take iis that it’s a good call. How quick do you reckon they are? 😉

    Cool idea, might tip the ballance of the “us and them” with the red socks if the rangers are visible on bikes.


    Brilliant, been saying they should do this for years, clearly someone listens.
    They need a couple of crossers too so they can have a sensible conversation to the motorbike lads.
    Always better to be talking peer to peer.
    I shall look forward to stopping and chatting to them.


    BadlyWiredDog wrote:

    How quick do you reckon they are?

    Oh they’ll fit right in on pootles, even I was quicker than some of them 🙂

    Premier Icon oldagedpredator

    Excellent, Martyn has been suggesting this idea for years. As nbt said he was a founder member of ride the peak. Organised all of the trail maintenance done the group. He’s a good person to have championing biking in the park – not only rider but strong background in path and bridleway building. Of the light touch none motorway type. Hopefully the start of a more coherent approach to mountain biking in the park. Sometimes just one thing happens and everything can change.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    A bit of a surprise from the PDNPA:

    News Release:

    Peak District National Park rangers are taking to their mountain bikes to patrol the hills and dales at weekends.

    The increasing popularity of mountain biking has meant many more cyclists are testing their skills on the area’s challenging routes or trying out the gentler trails.

    The cycling rangers – easy to spot in their high-visibility jackets – are there to help, giving directions, cycling tips, first aid, supporting with mechanical problems and if necessary mediating where conflicts arise.

    Pennine Way ranger Martyn Sharp, who championed the idea, said: “Mountain biking is one of the fastest growing sports and appeals to people of all ages.

    “We’ve had some very positive responses to our cycling patrols from fellow mountain bikers and from walkers.

    “Mountain bikers can sometimes feel they aren’t welcome because some say they cause erosion and come into conflict with other users. But we all have an impact on the countryside and we’ve got to respect each other’s pastimes.

    “Mountain bikers are certainly welcome on our bridleways and byways. We’ll be letting them know where they can and can’t cycle, and telling them about plans for any new routes that will be opened up.”

    The mountain bike patrols enable the rangers to cover a much wider area in a shorter time. As the service develops, rangers will also be using social media such as Twitter and Facebook to give immediate advice and updates on the condition of routes and trails.

    The Peak District is believed to be the first UK national park to launch routine cycling patrols.


    There’s a piccy as well – one them rides an Orange 5 – wonder if they’ll be patrolling footpaths. And if they’re even allowed to do that?

    Patronising or positive??

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Good idea in my book.

    Although I have to say, apart from the very rare tourist type of rambler, I’ve never come across any aggravation from walkers in the Peak District, or the edge where I ride on a regular basis.
    In fact the walkers are really friendly, as are the horse riders, always with a cheery hello, or a bit of banter to help you on some tough climbs, or technical descents.

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