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  • PC Specialist good/bad/indifferent ?
  • plyphon

    They’re legit, they are one of our customers at work (we’re an IT distributor).

    Never dealt with them from a consumer angle, however.

    We’ve used them at work a few times, very helpful if you need something out of the ordinary and the machines have been good, even if some of the cases are a bit over the top (we use full length gfx cards).


    got my desktop through them, good advice over the phone, it turned up when it should have done, its worked since, not much else to say!


    Afternoon folks

    Am thinking of bunging £1k or so in their direction & wondered if any of you have bought anything from them?




    I had very poor customer service from them. Paid for Saturday delivery and they failed to deliver (after confirming it was going to delivered on the specific day)
    They then refused to send the PC sooner than the following Saturday.

    The guy argued back and forth by email. Very poor.

    Wanted to cancel but the small print meant I’d need to pay a cancellation fee.
    Would never use again.


    Heard good things about them, a few guys in the gaming outfit I’m in have used them.


    Damn, not the thread I was looking for, seems to be in the private area…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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