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    We’ve just moved the home PC downstairs to connect it to the HDTV. The PC’s a fairly basic thing c. 4 years old with an on motherboard ATI RadeonX1200 graphics card and Win Vista, we use it for storing photos on, a bit of I-player watching and some animated discussion :D.

    I cannot get an HD TV shaped picture and I think from my understanding of the AMD/ATI websites that the issue is probably no graphics card support for this type of setup.

    Assuming my conclusion above is right I have a spare PCI express slot in the machine, so what can I put in it (for modest cost) to get it working properly? I don’t do gaming or major graphics stuff so just needs to get me my picture to match the telly!

    Or if I’ve been a chump and this isn’t the problem what do I look at next?

    While I’m asking what’s a good DSL wireless router? 54MBPS is NOT cutting it!

    Many thanks

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    this is a good card for the money. I use it in my main PC.


    fanless so quiet, doesnt get too hot, I run two screens (one VGA one DVI) from it, but it also supports HDMI. WIll handle HD.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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