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  • Premier Icon Northwind

    There’s the Pig X, which is posh True Temper tubing- not so very different from the Soul’s posh Reynolds. Still heavier’n a Soul mind, as you’d expect.

    140 is right for the Pig IMO. It’ll carry more and do fine but mine lived at 140mm, never needed more and never felt too much. 130 better than 150 if you ask me but 140 just right.

    Love Tubs

    I can’t believe how obsessive frame choice is becomming….again.

    Cheers NW


    If you’ve tested the ragleys and loved them, what is there to decide?

    Love Tubs

    I can’t really counter that, rudedog TBH 🙂

    Premier Icon Northwind

    FWIW, a carbon 456 with a head-angle reducing headset in it ends up riding not so very differently from a Ragley, but weighs 2lbs less than the Pig X and costs less too. I went from an Mmmbop to the C456 and to me it does all the good things the Bop did and none of the bad.

    But, ymmv 😉

    Love Tubs

    I was SO blown away with both the XC and down hill ability of these frames (BP & Piglett; sporting huge rear tubeless set ups, 2.4 and 2.5s etc) that I simply have to have one.

    I truely love the soul, but a reverb isn’t gonna fit?
    Bfe. erm to beefy,

    I’m not sure about the ragleys, isn’t the steel a better quality on the Cotic(s)…..I don’t know, please help.

    PS: was thinking of 140, as (I don’t know) 150 might be too much for the XC uphill bits?? Which forks though, I’ve had years of trouble-free motering from my fox 130 talas RLs…stans well back.

    Cheers, I maintain the accolade of being well behind the times…and the two ragleys on the descent of pen y ghent the other day. Bloomin madness it were FFS!!!!

    Premier Icon mboy

    FWIW, the BFe is actually lighter than the Blue Pig, and with its slimmer stays compared to those of old, it’s supposed to be a bit more compliant but still bombproof. The only criticisms I had of my MK1 BFe were that I bought the wrong size (hardly the frame’s fault) and it was too harsh, but the current gen is supposed to be a bit more supple.

    Same superb geometry as the Soul too… And it has ISCG mounts and a 31.6 seat tube…


    Have you tried the BFe? I bought one and was unsure people were always using words to describe it like ” beefy heavy chunky and to harsh a ride!” And it did make me wonder if I’d dome the right thing. But I’ve built it up and love it I use it for everything. The only thing I found hard at first was a transition from an old geometry cx frame to the new slack angle style of the Bfe but now we get on well. So if you haven’t tried on give one a test ride you never know you might even fall for its bully boy style.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    FWIW I looked at Pig/Piglet and bought a BFe. Many positive comments received from owners of all the bikes (and have seen first hand a Pg get chucked around and do somedecent jumps) but I chose finally based on quality which I felt was better with the Cotic and proven geometry.

    Premier Icon brant

    I wouldn’t describe a BFe as slack angled. Not in the proper sense.
    It is if you stick a long fork on it. But that’s not really. Oh.


    Sorry Brant it was loose terminology defiantly a lot slacker than my old bike. 😳

    Seeing as no-one’s said it yet…what about a Dialled Prince Albert?

    If you go for the current stock it’ll be Reynolds 725, a fine steel. If you get in touch with Mike you can get a ltd edition 853 in the short batch he’s processing at the moment.

    Or there’s this bargain with a teeny weeny dent on the seatstay for £185 H E R E!

    The frames are nice and simple with beautiful chunky dropouts, the ride is a good mix of strong and slightly twangy and it feels very surefooted on descents. I was running one with a 140mm Rev and only 2.2 tyres, now I’m riding a different (mk1) with a rigid 29″ front end to complement my FS. I didn’t like not having one after I old it so got another!

    Fork wise the Revelation/Pike/Sektor would suit the frames your going for, might as well get a chunky front axle if you know you’re going to batter it down stuff 😈

    [biketart]Ps, I can’t stand Cotic headbadges. I feel they make an otherwise impressive frame look tacky. [/biketart]

    Oh, and there’s also the E13 Sovereign going for £299 at CRC which has an excellent reputation.

    Love Tubs

    Cheers for all the advice, esp as this topic is kind of yesterday’s news.

    Reading the threads, and being honest about my skills level, I’m sure that I should be going for the Soul, Piglet end of the market.

    Yet, as pathetic as this is going to sound, the soul can’t take a reverb 🙁

    God, I annoy myslef 🙄 😀

    if you want a burly steel frame – that’s not too slack, as Brant says – then the BFe is what you should buy. The Soul is lighter and more supple but less capable downhill. I have both frames, and like them both a lot but for rides less than 2 hours, if you like rriding hard, then BFe is the better of the two, IMO.

    Premier Icon johnhe

    I’d definitely buy a rame which can take a dropper post. No need to be ashamed of that (IMO).

    How does the PA ride compared to the Soul?
    Anyone had both and can shed some light on it?


    Hi Love Tubes.

    I have a 18″ X9 piglet if you fancy a long test ride.

    Im based in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

    Let me know if your interested.


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