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  • Paypal account hacked and my ensuing stupidity
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    I’d probably inform PayPal of what you did (and be prepared to pay them back £35 as I doubt they’ll get it back from Sony). Chances are you’d get away with it but I’m assuming the pursue at least some fraud cases through with the police and it will be a lot harder to explain (inc. wasting police time) down the line.

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    At least it stopped the thieving scrote from using the code!

    My (bad) advice would be to say nothing – bloody Paypal should have a more secure system and then their users’ accounts wouldn’t get hacked!

    (Friend at work’s wife had the same thing a few weeks ago – pretty sure money was spent at too)

    Last night I noticed that I had a number of paypal emails and order confirmations with, this was odd because at the time of order I had been merrily turned myself inside out on the turbo.
    I logged onto to paypal to see if these where spoof emails but there where two transactions to game showing, one was for Xbox Live points @ £34 and the other for PSN Wallet credits @ £35.

    I promptly changed passwords etc on the PP account and informed PP of the two transactions that I had not made and in firness to PP within an hour they had confirmed that they would refund the money.
    Now the stupid part (on my behalf). I though I would see if the PSN credits had been invalidated or already ‘claimed’ by the erstwhile cyber tow-rag so I entered the code into my PSN account and to my horror it then proceeded to credit my account by £35. Looking back at it it was an extremely dumb thing to do. So instead of someone effectively taking £35 quid from me I have inadvertantly now taken £35 from PP.
    So do I try and confess my stupidity to PP and hope they don’t think I was the original tea leaf and that the whole stunt was of my making?
    Or do I keep quiet and hope it all goes away (the PSN account is registered to a different email address but it wouldn’t take Columbo to work out it’s the same person owning both e-mail addresses)?
    Somewhat worringly I can’t seem to gain access to my PP account this morning to check what is going on although I could last night, is this because the scally has tried raiding my PP account agin but couldn’t log on due to changed passwords etc?

    Help me STW and advise me in my hour of stupidity!!


    I would do anything to avoid a conviction for fraud and a credit history with a flag for deception plus I think stealing is wrong so I would tell PayPal straight away.

    Tell them. If it happens again you won’t have a leg to stand on. Cousin’s daughter was left out of pocket when a scrote shopped in a shop she uses. Bank/CC said there was reasonable evidence to assume it was her.


    As fraud is a far far more serious offence than theft, I’d tell them.

    I think I’ll tell them what I have done – but I cannot get into my account currently to inform them due to some ‘issues’ as mentioned in the OP.

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    As an aside isn’t it possible that it’s your computer that has been hacked ? If I were you I’d be changing passwords on everything after running a serious virus scan.


    Tell them. If you can’t get into your account can you call them? I’d be trying to come clean ASAP if I were you, both because it’s the right thing to do and because if they work it out first you could be in trouble.

    Well I’ve ‘fessed up to my stupidity to PP – if you don’t hear from me again you’ll know I’ve gone down for fraud!!
    (TBH 99.5% of me said to keep stumm but the remaining 0.5% advised me that if I got blacklisted etc the wife would de-bag me and then saw up all my bikes into small pieces!)


    Pappal are gonna come around and go ebay on your ass.

    You’re a good man in a tight spot.

    And you WILL go to heaven 😉

    Mr T!
    Long time no see/speak – you ok chap??


    Wont Sony close your PSN account if its in connection to fraud?

    And with all respects:

    My (bad) advice would be to say nothing – bloody Paypal should have a more secure system and then their users’ accounts wouldn’t get hacked!

    PayPal offers Two Factor authentication which if the OP had enabled would of stopped this whole scenario.

    The ‘fraud’ element is not with my PSN it’s effectively possibly between me and Paypal now.
    Could someone give me a brief overview on this Two Factor authentification please??


    Basically you give PayPal your mobile phone number.

    Every time you want to make a transaction PayPal text you a unique 6 digit code to your phone, you have to input the code to authorize the transaction. (As well as your password as usual.)

    I believe they may also have an App that generates codes also if you have a iPhone (but not sure – I use the text method.)

    It’s also totally free of charge. 🙂

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    I’d have played it a bit differently. Since a hacker made the purchase, you have not committed fraud with paypal. The hacker did.

    I’d have contacted PSN/XBOX to explain that you’d been hacked but refunded, and give them the opportunity to revoke that code. They’ll prolly just say keep it.

    In reality, the hacker was probably not buying a code to actually use but making a test purchase or something.

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