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  • Premier Icon Merak
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    I sold some motorbike kit through a forum for £520.

    He’s paid though PayPal but I don’t get the funds till he’s had it delivered.

    I’ve never encountered this before and I’m cynical about getting scammed…

    Premier Icon kerley
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    He’s paid though PayPal but I don’t get the funds till he’s had it delivered.

    Have you been notified to say that is the case? I get my payments within 2 days and before anything has been delivered as typically send stuff second class.

    Is this an eBay sale? If so as long as shows as paid in eBay then you are clear to send it.

    Sorry, didn’t read the forum selling bit.

    Premier Icon nickjb
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    Its pretty standard practice from paypal but you are right to be concerned. Selling through a forum gives you zero protection and it is very easy for a dodgy buyer to put an argument to paypal that sees paypal side with the buyer. You really need a lot of faith in the buyer (eg forum history, good communication, recommendations from other forum members). For small amounts its worth the risk, for £520 I’d at least be doing some more checks or insisting collection only.

    Premier Icon yourguitarhero
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    I wouldn’t accept that.
    Cash or BACS for that amount on a forum if PayPal are withholding funds til delivery

    Premier Icon Merak
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    Thanks folks that kind of confirms my suspicions. I understand the peace of mind for the buyer but for me as a seller there’s none!

    I’m sure it’ll be absolutely fine but..

    I think I’ll refund and suggest Bacs but then the shoes on the other foot. Unfortunately we are hundreds of miles apart so a face to face transaction isn’t possible.

    Premier Icon Kryton57
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    Perhaps not related to the OP, but I’ve had it with Paypal after I bought 2 things from here using a balance and it added fees to the seller, with no notification of that to me.

    The sellers were kindly patient and provided evidence of the fees so I thank them, but I’ve still no idea why fees were added.

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