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    I was refunded by echeque by someone off here when I was misold something. I’m sure he did it on purpose. Took over 3 weeks to get the money into my account. It is a truely shit process.


    Sometimes Paypal does that with me. No idea why.

    You will get your funds it just takes a week to clear.


    Anyone else experienced this? I got paid on eBay with one for the 1st time last Sunday and still waiting for clearance.

    I’ve had no replies to my messages from the buyer and I have a box the size of a bike box hanging around the house that I wanted rid of beginning of this week. I didn’t really want to wait around for the money after selling. I want new stuff 8)

    Would it be out of order to cancel the echeque due to no correspondence and the fact I’m still waiting for the money to clear?

    It wouldn’t be too bad If I had heard from the buyer.


    bit of a pain in the arse timescale wise, received payments that way a couple of times & once paypal decided that one of my payments was going to be an echeque, didn’t seem any rhyme or reason to it

    I just bought a new bike light via PayPal. Turns out the one credit card I had linked to my account had expired, so the PayPal system defaulted to echeque. 5-7 working days to clear and the seller is only advised to despatch when the payment has cleared.

    I added a debit card and a credit card to my PayPal account as soon as I knew what was happening, but it made no difference.

    Yep it’s because his card expired. Happened to me too. I think I had to go through some long winded validation thing to add the new card. Annoying for both buyer and seller! PayPal probably emailed me to tell me about it but tbh I probably ignore it…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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