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  • boblo

    @Bazookajoe… That’s funny, we have one of those, seems to help us. We NEVER talk about money. Our earnings go into a pot and we spend what we want, no rancour, no discussion.

    When we met, she earned more than me and had a car. We chopped her car in and bought a joint motah and bought a house together within a year. Up to then, we opened a joint savings account and paid the same in each month to furnish the place.

    FFW to today. I earn 3-4 times that of my wife but it doesn’t matter. Our ‘contribution’ is equal and any benefits of our ‘endevours’ would be split equally if we parted. Hopefully unlikely after ~25 years.

    I think she’s tight. And like someone above, I can see how she manages to own 2 houses on a relatively small income.

    You don’t pay half unless your name is on the mortgage and it is way too soon for that. She is getting the property after all.

    Pay her a realistic rent, with a rentbook so she is protected against any claim you might have on her property. Pay by DD so you don’t have to hand her the cash. Review your intentions and the position after 6-12 months.


    She’s tight. She’s also over-stretched herself financially.

    Me & MrAdamW are now mortgage-free but while we had it (and now continuing with the bills) I ask him once a year what his take-home pay is. I then tell him what mine is. I look after the money side of stuff and pro-rata everything. I end up paying 2/3 of all bills but it is only fair.

    She’s bought two houses and has mortgages. She earns more than you. Yet she wants half? Paying what you suggested is fine. When she decides to open you up to the mortgage on the house I’d say you’ve made a very generous offer!

    cynic-al – Member
    There was a really good programme/article on this on R4 yesterday – may have been you and yours? Followed on from a recent High Court decision where one party got screwed after paying some of the mortgage but not getting his name down IIRC

    Was also on BBC breakfast news, longterm relationship broke down, couple argued for a long time over house & money, court decided all hers, 10% to him, didn’t cover his legal costs I think. If you are both going to be in the relationship long term, what is wrong with getting your name on the mortgage and going 50:50?

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Not read it all but how about paying your current rent and bills into a joint account and say its towards the new house you will buy together.
    If it all goes tits up she gets half the money and you have had a period of half price living.

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