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  • Paying for sellers fees on paypal………how
  • clubber

    There are online paypal calculators online where you can enter what you want them to recieve and it’ll work out what you need to pay.


    Thanks clubber

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    No, you have to add 3.4% (IIRC) to whatever you want the seller to recieve.


    Havent got a problem doing this as its a small amount. Relatively new to paypal and Im pretty certain when I went to pay for goods once before it put on these fees ie item was £10 and it automatically calcualted to say £10.70 to the buyer.

    So, can I pay the sellers fees at a click of a button on paypal or do I have to manually calculate and pay this amount……eg, item is £8, I send seller £8.50?



    Might I suggest that you are going about this the wrong way.
    1)the seller says how much he wants to be paid to cover any cost that he thinks he may encounter. that’s up to him.
    2. You agree and pay him.
    The seller then has any fees deducted. If he wanted 10 quid in his had he should ask you for £10 plus x% and not be so bloody lazy to ask you to work it out for you. those who sell saying X price plus fees get an email saying “how much do you bloody well want?”
    Fee’s are their problem not yours. Tell the seller to sort himself out and get back to you.

    Premier Icon nickdavies

    Yeah it used to be that you could choose who pays the fees. Now they’ve removed the option so the seller always pays. You have to work it out yourself, usually it’s 3.4% min charge 20p.

    My view is the same as Matt’s above…


    As is mine – the amount of adds asking for “Gift” or “Plus fees” and even “plus fees plus postage”
    This isn’t allowed on any other forum I frequent.
    There must be a price, must be in the correct format and must state “posted” or “collection.
    Work your price out – its not hard FFS!

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    the only person who benefits from “paypal security” is the buyer as far as I can see
    Since I’m not a professional seller I don’t feel the need to pay for the privilege of accepting paypal – I’d be happy with cash or a bank transfer.

    If I ask for a tenner, that’s what I’m expecting. If you choose to use paypal …

    Work your price out (once you’ve decided how to pay) – its not hard FFS!

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