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  • per person definatly


    Per person. Everyone will be accessing the rest of the apartment’s facilities on a per person basis.


    Split it per person – fairly obvious answer??


    I’d say 5 or 6 (with the couples paying 50% each of the 6th), if I were one of the singles though I wouldn’t feel aggrieved paying 20%

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    per person as gonefishin says

    assuming bills are included and food/activity costs are being worked out separately… i’d divide by number of rooms, seems fair and the added bonus of if a couple hits relationship problems and only one comes, or somebody brings an extra person there’s no need to mess around with pricing for each room

    EDIT – i’m the odd one out… but in the interest of not looking like an idiot, i’d happily pay per person instead of per room 🙂

    my advice was based on my experience of group holidays and couples being a nightmare

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    gonefishin wrote:

    Per person. Everyone will be accessing the rest of the apartment’s facilities on a per person basis.



    per person although we’ve had this exact same discussion. The larger group, not unsurprisingly, wanted to split the cost on a per family basis.

    Using my brilliant intellect, I suggested that if they wanted to do it that way then we should vote for what we did on a per family basis.

    Honestly, I should be running the country or something.


    Being part of a couple who holidays with single friends.. we always split per person.

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    Per person – unless your single friends are going to be bringing guests back and getting jiggy wid it on the holiday?


    As someone who ended up sharing a house with a couple that wouldn’t adjust the rent, PER PERSON!

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    I suspect that there won’t be a concensus on this one, but here goes.

    7 people sharing a 5 double- bed apartment on holiday. The price is for the apartment itself. 2 couples and 3 singles are going. Do you divide up the cost per person or per bedroom? i.e by 7 or by 5?

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    We used a middle ground on our last holiday. We had some single rooms, some couples and some sharing. Seemed a bit mean to charge the people sharing the same add the singles. It was cheap enough that it really didn’t matter, though. With your arrangement per person is much fairer than per room.


    Depends on the bathrooms.

    Are the double rooms en suite ?

    On ski trips we have sometimes paid different amounts depending on the en suite/ shared bathroom situation.

    But if the bathrooms are all shared, and everyone has a decent bed to sleep in, and nobody is on the floor/sofa, then per person is the best option.

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    Not sure I’d bother applying this to a holiday, but when I used to share houses, we split the rent by floorspace.

    Each person pays a share of the common space, and each couple (or single) pays for their room.

    We started doing this when we had one couple staying with us who didn’t have much cash – they opted to have the smallest room in order to keep their rent down. It worked so well, we kept doing it in all the houses I lived in through and after Uni.



    By person.

    We’re going on holiday this summer as a group and the accommodation costs are being split per adult. Which is a bit unfair on everyone else as we’re taking an adult sized child with us – but the others wouldn’t let us pay Jnr’s share.

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