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  • paying 'board', what's a fair rate?
  • For a 25 yr old who’s earning 17K. Ballpark figure?


    I will keep an eye on this thread to see how fair my Mother is being…

    I predict very fair.

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    £50 per week?


    If it was me living at home with parents earning that I’d say £50 a week/£200 a month is fair. It’s what you’d pay for a grotty houseshare with the added bonus of getting your meals cooked and your clothes washed.

    Edric 64

    £80, an adult that old should pay their way properly .Would charge less to an 18/19 year old just starting out


    Where do you live?
    It’ll be different in Kensington or Keighley.

    My son pays £50 /week in Bristol, but I reckon as a room in a flat would cost him £70/week with all bills on top, he’s getting away with an excellent deal.


    Why not work out the total household income and expenditure and pro-rata it?

    Assuming food /electric/likely washing and iron are included then 1/3 of his take home pay, it’s what my folks charged me 20 years ago.


    £100/week, stick half into a savings account for him for when he needs his first rent deposit – but don’t tell him.

    The ‘high’ cost will motivate him into looking to get a place of his own too 🙂

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    Possibly £50 is a bit low, I seem to remember my parents charged me £50/week when I first got a job (20+ years ago). I was earning £14k IIRC….

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    As above, a decent and realistic amount so that they appreciate having to pay bills and run a household. I would save it up, and as and when they move out it can be assistance for a deposit on their own lace or similar.

    I was paying 25 quid a week all inclusive

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    Once you become a parent you realise what you ‘cost’ your parents over the years.

    Everything you earn then x10

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    Take full rent off him including bills, then decide how much you need to keep him and stick the rest in an account and give it back to him when he moves out. That way he’ll learn how to manage cash in the real world and will have a fair whack put buy when he does decide to go it on his own.

    My parents should have done that to me years ago instead of letting me fritter all my cash away on nothing. I wouldn’t have liked it at the time mind you but I’d have understood in the end up.


    And from the other side of this (He says feeling young…)

    £125 a week is what I’m paying as a 23 year old on 20k. I’m in the Chilterns and 40 mins from London.

    I’d say its fair in that, its high enough that I’m looking to move out but not unjustified because I’d get nothing similar for the money and I eat alot, also means when I move out that it won’t be a huge shock moving to a much greater amount of out goings.


    Start at £100 and tweak it depending how much you want him gone. £100 is more than fair, he’s very unlikely to be able to reproduce the standard of living he enjoys at your gaff for that kind of money.

    Edit – pretty much like PGreen says above!

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    I have to try and research this for work – bloody ballsache….

    Depends on the cooked meals and bills included, also room cleaning and laundry, minimum £50 per week, pretty much anywhere in the country.

    I know the Academy of a football club in a poorer part of the Midlands pay £75 per week for a room for their apprentices, which includes at least one cooked meal a day and all bills and laundry.*

    Another provider in the same area charges £105 a week for a room with a cooked breakfast and evening meal, all bills, laundry of bedlinen.

    *Another Academy more local to me were paying a similar rate a couple of years ago – that was a very odd set up, 6 apprentices, first time away from home, all staying with a 30-something yummy mummy. Maybe it was just my dirty mind….

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    Oh yeah, fwiw, 25 years ago I paid my parents £50 per week – unknown to me they saved half specially to help me buy furniture and white goods when I bought my own place at 21.

    I think £100 is cheap; you’d struggle to find a nice student house in Leeds for that plus you’re giving them all the extra conveniences.

    I appreciate the argument that they need to be able to save for their own place but how do they think we afforded them holidays/play stations etc as teenagers, by sacrificing things, best they learn that’s how things come about sooner rather than later.


    £100 a week – and as has been said, secretly save some for him as a deposit for his first proper rental.

    At 25 he should be being motivated (either self, financially or otherwise) to get his own place, so by hitting a decent figure not far from what he would pay in a house share, you help that thought process along.

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    At £25 he is an adult and should be paying 1/3 rd of the household expenditure (assuming two parents, no live-in siblings)

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