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  • PAYG Sim for kids?
  • Premier Icon 5plusn8
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    Is there a pay as you go sim that my 12 year old daughter can top up using cash?

    Premier Icon savoyad
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    all PAYG sims (basically) can be topped up with cash. you just buy a voucher from a shop.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    What savoyad said.

    We went with 30 day rolling contract £5-8 a month is 4 or 5gb data and 1000mins/texts, much much better value. We have a cap of £0 extra spend on all accounts. They run out, thier problem or hand me £10 and I go on app on my phone and add it to thier account. I also get to lock down expensive calls and (in theory) block porn etc.

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
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    Aye, pay monthly is a far better choice, so much cheaper now, and as Matt says, caps in place etc.

    Premier Icon mrchrispy
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    who’s that with matt?

    I’ve got both ours on ID but when they run out its expensive to add data.
    Ideally I want one provider for 2-3 numbers

    Premier Icon jamj1974
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    I use GiffGaff sim-only deals for the children.  Fixed monthly cost – but easy to top up with an app.

    Premier Icon nuke
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    Plusnet sims for us and our kids on pay monthly… cheap & includes smart cap so no nasty bills (been there, done that on another network)

    Premier Icon stumpyjon
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    Another vote for Gift Gaff here, works for both our kids.

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man
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    Giff Gaff here too for my daughter – dead easy.

    My rule has been if she runs out of data then tough!! 🙂
    Learn to manage it and wait till it tops up again.

    As long as they can call and text that’s all I’m bothered about.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    One is Plusnet, cheap sale offer I grabbed.
    One is on ID, again a sale bargain and stuck with it.
    One is Three as I phoned to move to Plusnet at end of a contract to buy handset and they matched the deal.

    All 30day, sim only.

    They buy thier own phones. If they damage or lose, they buy new. One lost a Nokia 8 he had saved for – and now all three are very careful with them. Compared to pals who break or lose phones regularly, and have them replaced. We don’t do insurance on them.

    We also have two old Moto G2’s that are on EE PAYG as riding phones, save taking good phones. They were free as work retired old handsets, already in bash proof/waterproof cases.

    Premier Icon 5plusn8
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    Thanks all. Lots of good recommendations here.
    I should have explained my intentions.
    She gets £5 a week cash to do what she wants with so I want her to manage the buying of minutes etc, so I am less worried about value for now. When that is proven then I will just get her a sim only contract with unlimited minutes etc – Plusnet do a good one for about 10quid a month. I guess I just want her to understand what’s involved and what she gets for her cash, a learning opportunity if you will. Plus letting her understand what its like to be less well off and not have access to a bank account etc.

    God I sound like Jacob Rees Mogg. Delete me.

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