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  • Paul Walker dies in car crash…
  • Yip, it seems Paul Walker of “Fast and Furious” fame was killed in a fiery wreck in a Porsche Carrera GT today… Sad news.

    sad news. Fast & Furious films were good…………in a cheesy way.

    That other film he was in was good, the one with the truck……….can’t remember the name……………they were on a cb and called themselves Candy Cane….



    You do have to wonder what speed they were traveling to rip the car in half. RIP.


    Here we go, does it matter how fast he was going, poor sod is dead let him rest in peace!


    Tragic loss of a fantastic car too.


    as jon said the films were great in a cheesy way that worked for that sceen was great in ots of other films to a big loss to the industry


    Very sad. Looks like a pretty horrific crash.


    Agreed let the man RIP but seeing these incidents a lot myself I always naturally ask how? That is a seriously high speed side impact to have torn the car in half (80mph+) and let’s just think it lucky they didn’t wipe out a people carrier full of children aswell.

    I enjoy the FF films, have the boxset bar 6 and was looking forward to 7. I think they will still make it in his memory though. RIP.


    burned rubber and doughnuts at the scene, poor guys engulfed in flames , RIP…..
    we all do crazy stuff at some point in our lives on many occasions, I have a mate who has done at least 3k skydives, and wingsuit flights, any one of us on here could get wiped out in next 12 months , leaves a daughter behind too, yup live life…………….


    absolute legend, F+F won’t be the same without him. A great loss


    Speed was a factor in the crash, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office said.

    😥 Sad news, thankfully he didn’t kill any other road users while having his bit of fun.

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Sad news, thankfully he didn’t kill any other road users while having his bit of fun.

    He wasn’t driving.

    Walker, 40, was a passenger in a Porsche sports car driven by a friend – who also died – when it crashed north of Los Angeles.

    Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    Humn, it reads like a lot of people above are jumping to the assumption he was driving, the news reports suggest he was a passenger. Horrible horrible way to go engulfed in flames. RIP.

    [edit] with the exception of mr neep above [/edit]


    Unlikely they’d have known anything about the flames imo.

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    Real shame. RIP

    A report I read earlier said that they were at a charity event and went for a drive. It said that others at the event were close by and heard it happen and went round with fire extinguishers but he was trapped and people were trying to help him but got beaten back by the flames.

    What a dreadful way to go. Great films. Rip.


    what’s that Alanis Morisette song..?


    daveh – Member
    You do have to wonder what speed they were traveling to rip the car in half. RIP.

    Considering what happens at 18mph (see 1:11 in vid) in a side impact it might not be as fast as you’d guess.

    Anyway RIP.


    horrible stuff….

    The pics show a tree sticking out the middle of the car, I don’t doubt that some pace must have been involved, especially for it to burst into flames. I hope it was quick and the impact did for them.

    What doesn’t sit well with me is people who were taking pictures of the car in flames. Why would you do that ffs when someone is potentially burning to death?

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Car being driven by Walker’s partner in his car tuning business, an ex racing driver. Not hard to draw the conclusion they were out showboating for the crowd. You have to be going pretty fast to cause a car to explode on impact, especially something like a Porsche GT which is engineered to be driven hard and fast.

    Predictably the Daily Mail has the most pictures.

    Daily Mail Report

    Truly sad RIP.
    Why those of you need to have a dig without even knowing the facts is beyond me. Those cars arn’t exactly made like tanks are they?

    He was coming away from a fundraiser for a charity that HE founded to help others and was a passenger in an automobile accident. He died alongside the driver, who was also involved with the charity as well as previously founding his own charity.

    I think its safe to say they were one of the good guys.


    Very very sad


    RIP. Doing sonething for others 🙁


    Indeed sad. Sounded like a decent guy.

    From the pictures I saw on BBC, I doubt he’d have known anything about the fire.

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    Damn. He seemed a nice enough bloke. And i liked all the F&F franchise excerpt Tokyo Drift.

    Btw : I have liked Singletrack since I first started browsing here. I now discover i love it as it doesn’t allow direct links to the Daily Mail.

    From the pictures I saw on BBC, I doubt he’d have known anything about the fire.

    I read a report that said his friends were there trying get him out but were fought back by the flames. One commented he was trying to get his seatbelt off as he was unconscious. The only real blessing here.


    You can rip a car like that in half at 15mph. This is because it has a carbon tub and a “stressed” engine. That results in a super stiff construction, but the failure of one of the 4 mounting points between the tub and engine will then immediately “cascade” into a complete separation of the tub and the powertrain.

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    RIP indeed, but what is this all about?

    No Daily Mail

    I’m sorry but we don’t allow direct links to the Daily Mail on our website as we find it an abhorrent publication.

    For an explanation of why this is we can’t think of a better illustration than Stephen Fry’s personal account of his dealings with this publication here. We would encourage you to read this before continuing on to the Daily Mail website.

    If you still want to visit the Daily Mail website your can use this link:–Furious-star-Paul-Walker-dead-fiery-car-wreck-Actor-killed-Porsche-GT-driven-friend-crashed-pole.html

    The above link has a nofollow attribute applied.

    Well thank you STW for showing me the light, I always lived by what the Daily Mail told me 🙄 , now I’m blinded by the infinite wisdom of the STW team.

    Poor bloke, the pictures don’t make good viewing and as for the people taking pictures of 2 men burning alive and then selling them to the media I’m pretty much lost for words.

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