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  • he’s bloody great 8) [video][/video]

    I’ve seen him from back in the late 90s doing Cream nightclub every week to more recently at Slinky in Bournemouth – and until very recently I thought he was too past it/the scene has moved on too much.
    Perfecto Flouro is ok but he prances around on stage like he’s not that bothered anymore.

    Do you listen to his podcast? The music is good but he sounds bored on it, has to be a good one for me to keep them 😀


    I like Paul Oakenfold. I also spent alot of time in his venture ‘Home’.

    I also spent a few nights speaking to undercover Police Officers asking what they were doing there and why when there was a club nearby that was legendary for drug use but was untouchable due to its demographics.

    I saw him a few months ago. He’s still brilliant.

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    He used to be brilliant, the early days of the courtyard at Cream were some of the best trance days. He completely sold out when he moved over to America.

    No Armin or Tiësto that’s for sure.

    how do you mean Pik n Mix? Commercial live sets? Maybe that’s what they like over there?
    Heard him in the UK and this wasn’t the case at all.

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    I think he has started playing classic sets again but he went very progressive when he went over to the states, as you say that’s what they wanted over there. I was bought up on the railings at Crasher so preferred the old Oaky.
    He was by far the best DJ in the world for many years I just don’t think (IMHO) he ever got it back after America.

    IMO he’s overrated. Never liked him or his taste in music BITD. Even worse now he’s old and trying to cling on and stay cool.

    What ‘kids’ go out today and listen to old men on their fifties spin tunes? Where’s the rebellion gone?

    I did have ‘Jack the Ripper’ from his Urban soundtracks series on my Ipod, it seems to have completely vanished off there & the laptop & the site I got it from originally is defunkt! Any ideas where I can find it again?


    I liked him for five minutes in 1994 when he did that Goa Essential Mix. After that… meh. Give me Sasha or Carl Cox for a ‘Big Room’ DJ.

    @Grunty: do you mean:


    Just use this to download it as an MP3. Sometimes you have to wait a minute or so for the queue to spool up before converting.

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