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    I’m afraid I’m with anagallis_arvensis on this. I can’t remember all the details exactly but IIRC you had behavioural problems with your last dog after your son was born and had to rehome him.

    What makes you think you can handle another terrier when your circumstances don’t appear to have changed much?


    Bingo only showed aggression to large dogs and children. Thats not behavoural issues thats a male Westie.


    My friend has a Patterdale, lovely little dog, daft as a brush, boundless energy and very friendly. I don’t like border terriers as much, don’t know why really, a few neighbours in the street have them and they’re just a bit common and samey.
    The patterjacks look like lovely dogs, I’d be looking at them if in market for a new one.

    FWIW I have a Parsons Russell, great fun little dog, like a jack R but bigger and not as nippy. We did cut his balls off mind after he growled at one of the weans. He’ll run all day with the bike and everyone who meets him loves him.


    I had a Patterdale / Lakeland cross years ago, he was a great dog with a great temprement / character. He looked like gnasher from the Beano too! Ah I miss old Scruff 🙁


    Molly, our BT – 3 years old now, still manic, but great with our 9 month old daugher… will chase anything that’s small and furry. Cats are her favourite.

Viewing 5 posts - 81 through 85 (of 85 total)

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