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  • Patella Tendinitis- bugger and damnation
  • tazzymtb
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    right I know its probably my fault for riding single speeds and from going to not a great deal of riding in the recent past (christmas fat boy blow out) to lots of riding, but…. any quick fixes or specific stretches that will get this little blighter sorted out damn quick as I’ve got some serious mileage coming up in the next couple of months and I need it sorting.

    first person to mention using a gear dangler will get a poo in the post 😀

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    ian martin
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    Is that the outside and below the knee pain? If so I’m having the same problem, I find using a foam roller helps as well as resting, gentle massage and stretching (especially the IT band).

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    Good physio exercises helped mine. And rest and progressive milage increases on the bike sorted mine. Bloody sore.

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    Had treatment for this, from physio.
    Ski/wall sits,
    stretches, foam roller. and ball on glutes
    Step ups and downs ( Knee height)
    And core exercises.

    Physio also did some serious massage of the tendon with what is best described as a knuckle duster.
    Also had dry needling which was quite effective..

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    A Physio treated me for patella tendonitis for a while,till it was discovered that i was actually suffering from gout!
    It’s a lot more manageable now – i just pop a pill or 2 when i feel it coming on and it’s gone pretty quick.

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    Show us your knees!!!

    [/url]Ouchy by martinddd, on Flickr[/img]

    Mine on 19/02/2016 🙁

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    Amputation has a 100% success rate of treating this ailment.

    – on a more serious note, its gonna involve rest/rice etc. Your speediest option would to be finding a physio with a cycling interest who is empathetic towards the notion of one gear. So, in summary, you need a niche physio.

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    I get this occasionally and bought a patella strap. Worked like magic. I sometimes have to wear it all the time, sometimes just on the bike but it really helped. I think my injury came from weightlifting rather than biking though.

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    Get an alignment check for a podiatrist. Had it briefly but sorted by inserts

    Perhaps sir would consider a discrete hub gear. It will hardly show from the front

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