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  • Patching garage roof where grit has gone
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    So my garage  roof is covered with what looks like fiberglass with roofing grit stuck to it

    But its got quite a few patches where the grit has come off , don’t want to replace whole roof as there areNo leaks yet, but i^d like get the bare patches covered up

    Just bungng more grit on wont help as when it rains hard if just washs off as roof has a slope to it

    What would any one with experience  of sorting  garage roofs get to apply to bare patches to allow me to stick roof grit to the roof again

    Plus any ideas as to who would still be selling on line at the mo



    I’m sure that roofers dont use grit anymore. At least the ones I know dont. They use silver paint that is designed to replace the grit. So i would try to remove grit and patch up with paint.

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    The grit is to protect the fibreglass from UV, so anything that does that is functional. But it might look odd. If you want to fix new grit, paint on a thick layer of fibreglass resin and scatter grit before it sets.

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