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  • Patagonia Founder Gives Away Company…
  • chrismac
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    I would far rather Patagonia continued to be a high profile brand demonstrating a positive ethos of minimising our future purchases (by making quality products that last well, by offering and encouraging repair rather than replace and sticking to aesthetics not driven by short term fashion trends)

    I agree with this entirely, there kit is very expensive but it does last for ever which has to be a good thing. I still have a duvet jacket that’s 20 years old.

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    Chapeau to Mr Chounaird and his family. I’ve always had a liking for Patagonia gear and this gives me more reason to continue to buy it in the future.

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    Let My People Go Surfing has a good section on why he didn’t just sell the company a long time ago and just invest in environment activity.
    Man is an inspiration!

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    Chapeau to Mr Chounaird and his family.

    indeed, his son makes some great surfboards too.

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    Great book and I’ve just bought a new waterproof off them. My last one of theirs lasted 12 years. Person trying to do good stuff as far as I can see which is a lot further than some on here can look.

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    Will have to grad a copy of the book. I think he’s done a great thing and hats off to him for doing it. Just wish others would follow his lead.

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    Kudos to the Chouinard family!
    As long as there are people doing great things like this there’ll allays be others complaining that following that type of business model is restricting my rights as a citizen consumer blah blah, and many lobbyist companies set up to denounce this kind of philanthropic behaviour, and I would hazard a guess that there are many on this forum who align themselves with that.
    Yes one company doing this is not going to make a dent in terms of climate change reversal. But, you have to start somewhere.
    On the basis of this thread, I’ve just ordered the book. Should be an interesting read

    Thanks for posting OP

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    ‘– isn’t there enough clothes already in existence to clothe the entire population of the Earth for the next twenty years or something? ‘

    I’m going to assume from the quote the poster is fairly ignorant of how Patagonia works, but they’re encouraging of selling and buying of their goods second hand to reduce overall consumption, and also run the equal best repair service I’ve encountered.

    And Kudos all round to Yvon Chouinard… any cynicism is entirely misplaced

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    Great stuff.

    I’ve never bought any of their stuff, no idea why as they do some good stuff.

    A bit embarrassing for @paton but normal sort of response from them.

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    This thread duplicates the one started from the main page, except this one started first and has most of the posts. Is it possible to merge the discussion?

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    I wouldn’t normally recommend the Daily mail but if you think some of the comments here are cynical you should have a look at the ones on their website.

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    The STW Facebook page is attracting some (American) ‘characters’ on the story…

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    Friend of mine has a caravan and tells me the forum he uses

    Mind blown.

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    Love anyting that pushed capitalism away from the weird wealth-concentrating mechanism that it’s become.

    I look froward to Patagonia’s next phase:

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    The STW Facebook page is attracting some (American) ‘characters’ on the story…

    I went for a laugh.

    I came out depressed.

    **** the lot of them.

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