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  • passport photos for kids, on the cheap?
  • Premier Icon kimbers

    Weve decided to inflict our children (1&3) on an entire plane load of the public later in the year anyone have experience of doing your own photos

    or tried or the like?



    Premier Icon darrenspink

    Interesting…wouldn’t risk it myself though. Things got expensive when they stopped doing 4 different shots, at least you could swap people then.


    I’ve made my own on countless occassions, have always have been accepted.

    Last time I used: Camera + tripod + remote trigger + white wall + well lit room (I don’t own flashes) + print out at boots. Usually a print of about 4 costs about 30p. If you’ve got someone to hold the camera then that’s a bonus!

    Premier Icon nickjb

    I just took a picture with the digi camera, used photoshop to scale and multiply it then got it printed at boots for about 20p. There are a few websites that will do the scaling for you if you don’t have photshop or similar eg or (first hits on google, not used them)

    Premier Icon simon_g

    Fine if you’re willing to read all the rules (esp around young kids’ photos), get an acceptable shot and print it up.

    My last lot were using epassportphoto’s service (they will let you just download a jpg to take to boots), me in front of a white wall and were accepted ok.

    Premier Icon stevie750

    My home done photos of my 6 month old were rejected by he post office(did check and send with them)
    Ended up getting them done in supasnaps for £7

    They lie them down on a towel and take an overhead shot


    Took ours to max spielman (?) eye watering 7 quid each but worth it for hassle free renewal hopefully…


    On the cheap? I’m sorry Kimbers but they surely can’t cost that much to get done properly, to all the right specs etc., in a high street shop.

    Get you hand in your pocket and stop being tight!

    Premier Icon kimbers

    less money spent on (pointless?) passport photos = more money to spend on bicycles so ill remain a tightarse

    Premier Icon mrbotticelli

    Done ours using our own digital camera, a little cropping and sizing using GIMP (open source/free photoshop type software) and have printed 6 passport sizes photos on one 6×4 in the chemists for 50p.

    Ten passports done that way without any problems, far easier and cheaper than the expensive useless photo booths.

    My home printed ones were rejected too, despite being better, in my opinion, than the photo booth jobs and the right size. Rubbish!

    Used Timpsons, £4 and guaranteed reshoot if rejected.

    Another tip – pre-complete the passport form online. It’ll arrive printed and all you need to do is endorse and return with photos. Got out lads passport back in 2 days!


    They’re obviously totally unpredictable; chap I work with took his own, Nikon digital camera, sized correctly in Photoshop, colour corrected, printed on a high-quality digital colour proofer, and they were rejected out of hand!
    He was told they weren’t on acceptable photo paper…
    The ones they accepted came from a post office booth, and were crap.

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